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Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Results: 4/28-5/4

It's May, hooray!!

6 out of 7 days. Actually had a real rest day of no exercise. Usually I make rest days just a shorter easy walk so at least I'm still burning some calories (I'm pretty sedentary otherwise). But that was my travel day (back from NYC) and it was raining and I was too lazy to do any videos or anything else productive. Mileage: 27.45, Calories Burned: 4586. Finished week 5 and completed two days of week 6 for C25K. I'm now officially done with intervals - let the real fun and cursing begin.

Not all that great. One day I didn't even track calories at all so you know that one had to be a bit ugly. It was higher calories overall for each day but below the net calorie allowance for most days (went over twice). I had serious munchies for 3-4 days so I know some of it was hormonal for this week. However, I wasn't too obsessed about diet this week. For several weeks I've kept between 1200-1500 calories per day and then was working out 500-900 calories burns on those days. So I was really going under my net calorie allowance. So one week to switch up my body's expectations felt fine. Next week should be more back to normal again.

Well, it could have been worse with less exercise and higher calories this week but I still managed to lose almost two pounds. So 8 weeks in and I'm now 20 lbs lighter than when I started. I have 7 weeks left on my original goal (of losing 20-30 lbs in 15 weeks) so the thought of exceeding 30 lbs in that time is exciting. Of course my long term goal is still another 50 lbs (from this point) so onwards and upwards downwards.

Next week (and beyond):
The C25K plan calls for a 22 min jog for w6-d3 (should complete on Monday) and two 25 min jogs for w7-d1/2. At some point in week 7 I'll try to keep jogging for longer to get closer to the whole 5k distance (distance being more important than time now). I'll have about 2 weeks between the end of the C25K plan and my 5k on June 1st. I'll spend those weeks just working on getting the distance I need in the times I'm aiming for.

I also need to up my cross training since I didn't do much of it this past week. Other than that everything else is pretty standard. After I finish week 8 of the C25K I might start looking at other training plans instead of the same app for the 10k. No matter which method I choose, June will be spent increasing my miles so I feel comfortable with a 10k. There's a half training group I can join in July. I didn't have a great experience with the last half group I joined (they all ran so much faster than me so I spent all of the time by myself) so I'm a bit leery but I will definitely need the encouragement/pressure of keeping to my plan once I'm in hot weather again. But I feel that I should be comfortable with a 10k distance before starting with any group (she types so casually even though she can't even run a full two miles yet...).

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