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Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Results: 5/12-5/18

The weather worked out so that I got some type of run or walk in for all seven days. 30.45 miles logged and 5630 calories burned. Completed week 8 of C25K (3 days), ran intervals on 3 days, and walked 1 day. Strength training for 4 days: 2 days of ultimate sculpt and 2 days of abs.

Did a bit of carb loading mid-week but stayed within calorie allowances. It was more real hunger than emotional eating so I'm ok with that. Did the chia seed thing but reduced intake since it was a gastric mistake to start off with such a sudden increase in fiber.

Weight Loss:
I'll keep last week as two pounds, which by the scale is what it was. This week I was down 2 lbs by midweek but it floated back up one lb by this morning's weigh in. Sooooooo close to getting into the 2-teens. That's still way above my old weight (lowest was 175) but considering where I started two months ago it excites me. I know that clothes size wise once I get down into the low 2-teens I'll be able to wear all of my size 14 clothes and some of my more generous 12's.

**Update - after my workout this morning I weighed again and I was down a full 3 lbs from last week. So at 219.2 I am down 25 lbs and into the 2-teens. Since this reflects some water loss I know it will float up again but I always claim my lowest weight. :)

Next Week:
I looked at the Zen Labs app for a C2-10K program and if I start off on week 9 (since I just completed week 8 with the 5k and the steps are exactly the same) I would go back to intervals but much longer. Such as week 9 day 1 is run 10 min, walk 1 min (repeat 4 times). I'm confident in my ability to do that at this point so I think I'll stick with that. At some point I want to change up my weekly schedule to fit in a long run and shorter tempo runs but for now the app thing is working for me so I'll stick with it. Same plans for cross/strength training. Will try to get in two reps of the ab workout - I despise ab workouts so this will be a test of my brain over body.

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