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Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Results: 5/5-5/11

Good week. 31.10 miles added to my mileage - I wasn't even trying to go over 30 but I was able to get out everyday, and every walk or C25K run was at least 4 miles. 5605 calories burned. Three days of cross training. With cross training I have been throwing in my 10 lb hand weights for as long as I can on arm exercises (excluding triceps where I still struggle with the 5 lb weight). I finished week 6 and did all of week 7 of C25K this week and for all three days of week 7 I went beyond the prescribed 25 minutes, on days 2 and 3 I made it to the full 3 miles before stopping to walk. On day 3 my paces (after the warm-up so no walking included) were Mile 1: 12:10, Mile 2: 12:05, and Mile 3: 11:26 for a total of 35:41. On 2 of my non-C25K days I still got in jogging intervals since I was helping my husband get going again on his C25K program (he was supposed to start with me but just now finished week 2).

Another good week. I did have a little extra on Saturday to celebrate Mother's Day but my total calories on that day were still under 1600 so it wasn't a big indulgence (the fat content did go up but I'm generally really low in fat so one day won't hurt in the long run). As I mentioned in a previous post I added in chia seeds to help with fiber content.

Weight Loss:
2-3 lbs. Two of those pounds came off in one day which was a pleasant surprise. The third pound I expect but it is currently being hidden by "increased fiber intake" bloating.

Next Week:
I don't see it being much different than this week. We've been getting a lot of rain and there's more rain predicted in next week's forecast but this past week the rain didn't impact my runs so I hope that will be the case this coming week. I'll finish week 8 of C25K even though I've technically graduated already. But something in me likes to see each day checked off on the app. I don't think I'll try running (with no walks) any further than 3 miles this week, it will be just getting more used to the 3 miles without being so beat at the end. The last mile is still mentally hard for me. Physically, I'm doing fine but I really have to push myself to keep going. It's getting warmer and I'm keeping hills in my runs and it all adds up to me feeling whiney around mile 2. :)

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