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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Months Later...

So this past month hasn't been as stellar weight loss wise - only about 8 lbs lost. I've kept up with my exercise so we all know the culprit is diet plus my body is getting used to the exercise so it's just not burning as much as it did at first. I knew I would get to a slower point eventually though I had hoped I could get another 15 lbs down before it happened. But I'm still going in the right direction so I won't dwell too much on it except to remind myself not to snack as much.

Running has definitely improved. Both distance, time, and endurance. I've logged 147.69 miles over the past month (between both walking and running). I can run about 5 miles now - though I technically haven't done it straight through. My current C2-10K plan gets me about 5.25 miles with the warm up and cool down. But theoretically I know I could run 5 miles if I needed to. Like if Zombies were chasing me or something. Although, I hope they're slow zombies...

But I have sped up in general. My 5k results show that as well as a couple of other good runs. It's still slow in comparison to most people who run everyday but I am improving and that's all I really focus on.

While I have done some cross training I'm still not doing enough. I have no excuses - I'm just not doing the work.

Next month:
This will be the hardest month for me to do things. We move back down to Tennessee in a couple of weeks and the kids will soon be on summer break. My easy, peasy non-working schedule where I had from 8-3:30 to do anything I wanted will disappear - possibly forever since I am looking at working again. I do have plans to stay active but I know it will be harder.

The new 10k training plan will go through the next month (it's an 8 week plan) and that will be the most helpful with keeping me on track as I'll be accountable to a coach and group. Once we're in TN I'll have access to gym equipment again which I do hope will improve my cross training. But I'll also be dealing with heat and humidity so that will take a bit to get used to again.

The diet will be the hardest as we travel and transition from one house to another. So we'll just see how that turns out.

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