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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Amica Ironhorse 5k

All done. And it was done well.

Like always I woke up a few times in the night wondering how close to my 5:20 a.m. alarm it was (midnight and 3 am were a couple of the checks). I got everything ready the night before so I was ready with plenty of time. The kids weren't too tired/grumpy and we got out of our house around 5:55. After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts (for the family's breakfast - mine was 2 eggo waffles; one with almond butter and the other with .25 cup worth of egg white and a sprinkle of mozzarella). And a second quick stop to get the water bottle out of the trunk for a thirsty child we were on our way towards Hartford. The directions I choose put us in the middle of the ghetto (well as ghetto as Connecticut gets) which made me worried for a moment and also ticked off at the amount of traffic lights we had to stop for. Once we got to Simsbury the traffic was backed up. There were a little over 2000 runners and the parking was filled up. We eventually found a spot that was pretty close to the 5k starting line but it was a decent walk over to where you were supposed to pick up your packets. By the time I got my stuff I had 20 minutes to wait in the port-a-pot line and then get back to the starting line. It took me over 15 minutes to get all that done but I was at the start line with no problems and put myself right at the back. My husband and kids stayed back at the playground where they had a lot of fun.

The half-marathon group started one minute before us (the 10K had started 15 minutes before that). Since I was at the back of the 5k group I did have to pass a few people at the beginning but plenty passed me too - I just couldn't always tell if they were 5k people or 1/2 people.

Mile one came up suddenly and I almost freaked out when my watch said 10 minutes. But I quickly realized that was the 1/2 marathon's first mile marker (they started further back than us). My first mile was clocked at 11:09. I was worried about that pace because I knew it would wear me out so I tried to slow down a bit. The second mile had more elevation change but it was really minor and didn't bother me too much. I got to mile 2 exactly at 23:00 (so that was slower with a 11:51 split). The last mile was mostly downhill except for one rise over a bridge. I must have been going much faster than I realized because I finished the last 1.12 mile in 11:22 (I didn't look at my watch at the 3 mile sign). Finish time was 34:22 with splits of 11:04 (so more proof that the last mile was much faster).

Post race with my kiddos.
The weather was perfect - sunny with no wind and right at 50F degrees at the start of the race. It was cool enough that I almost wore my running jacket but after my long wait in the port-a-pot line I knew I would be too hot in the jacket.  And I was quite sweaty at the end even though the majority of the race was in the shade. The views were beautiful but it seriously felt like it went by so quick - way quicker than any of my training runs.

We hung around for 2 more hours so the kids could do a fun run. That is my only complaint about the race. I wish they would have done that at the beginning so we didn't have to wait around so long. But I guess it's hard to plan the right time for that with three distances of races if all the parents want to be able to watch.

Now we're back home and I'm back to thinking about my 10k training. Which doesn't involve any port-a-pots.

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