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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm a winner!

On a lark I entered a give away at Shauna Reid's blog (formerly known as The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl - also a great book). One of her current projects is as the Community Director of the program/website Up & Running. They offer training plans and social media forums for new and seasoned runners. She had a giveaway for the 5k or 10k program. So I entered - normally the fee (in US$ is around $97).

How pleased was I to wake up on Wednesday and see a happy little email waiting for me saying I won one of the spots?!?

The 10k training starts on June 12th. I don't expect my overall format of training to change much from what I'm doing now - I'll just be using Coach Julia's program rather than my ZenLab 10K app. It's still 3 runs a week and cross training. I'm really most looking forward to the forum aspect of the training as I like to find good running communities but it's often hard as many people are just so much further along in their progress than I am.

I'll keep with my current training until the new one starts which means I'll finish week 11 and maybe a couple days of week 12. I just did my first week 11 workout (also on Wednesday) and it was brilliant. The weather was perfect - cloudy and in the high 50's. And I chugged along like I had all the energy in the world. With the warm up and cool down walks (both 5 minutes each) I made it 5.26 miles and my splits were: Mile 1= 14:05 (this includes the walking warm-up), Mile 2= 12:08, Mile 3= 11:22, Mile 4: 10:52, and Mile 5= 10:37 (at least 30 seconds of this was my cool down walk).

The times are among my best for my current running especially considering that I've added on distance. But it was the level of effort that really amazed me - while it wasn't easy breezy it also wasn't "please just kill me so I can be done" either.
So good news and a good run for National Running Day.

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