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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is this a test?

Yes, yes it is.

So the final workout of week 1 of my new spiffy 10k plan by (Up and Running) was a 1 km speed test - see how fast you can run 1 km. But only after running for like 40 minutes before hand... And trying to squeeze it in before you leave on vacation but it was raining all morning so you have to do it at 1 pm when the sun is beating down upon you and you think you may just die even though it's only like 76 out there...

Yes, I whine - what else is new?

We were advised to do the test on a track or other flat piece of road - since there are no flat pieces of road around us I went to the track at UCONN which was not all that nice. Considering how nice a school it is and that both the men's and women's basketball teams won the national championships this year you would think it would also have a nice track field. But it doesn't. MTSU has a much nicer one - who would have thought?

Anyway, I digress (what else is new). I used my 30 minute warm up to find my way onto the field and ran around it a few times while sweating profusely.

Towards the end of my warm up a couple of people joined me on the track (which before only had some maintenance workers on it). One was a lovely girl in her young 20's (I assume) with a gorgeous athletic figure who warmed up by "jogging slowly" around the track - except they could have passed me twice in a lap with their slow warm up. :) I tried not to think too much about it knowing I can't compare myself to an actual track person who probably weighs 120. I just hoped she thought kind thoughts towards me. She was doing 200 meter sprints by the time I was doing my 1 km test. I made myself laugh by telling myself I was finally catching up to her when she would finish a sprint and walk slowly to cool down.
In the end, my 1 km test gave me a pace of 5:50 which translates to a 9:23 per mile pace (if I could actually run a full mile at that speed). I was very pleased with that pace since I was so worn out and hot. And my stomach was giving me back my lunch in the form of indigestion. I don't recommend eating a black bean burger before a hot run.

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