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Friday, June 6, 2014

Note to self...

Hey dumbass!

It's June now - stop wearing your jacket when you go for runs. I don't care if it does feel chilly in your house and the wind is blowing like crazy. You'll get too hot if you wear it.

Oh, you choose to wear it anyway? Well, don't blame me when you feel like puking on the side of the road after your last big hill.

Week 11, day 2 of C2-10K (still on 17 min runs & 1 min walks - x3). So overheated even though I unzipped the jacket and rolled up the sleeves. I also was having a hard time breathing today due to allergies and exercise induced asthma. When I go in for my yearly physical in July I'll ask my Dr. about a low dose inhaler that I can use on bad allergy days.

Even though it was the same distance & route as Wednesday's run, I felt like death today and was slower - all my splits were over 12 m/m. Sunday will be my last day for week 11 and it will be even hotter so I need to make sure to hydrate better the day before and won't make the jacket mistake again. I did finally get some biking shorts so that I could run in something cooler than capris. I can't do regular running shorts because of my thigh issues. So far, so good with the bike shorts. They're spandex and the length goes down to a couple of inches above my knee so there's no chafing.

My feet on the other hand just do not like my shoes. It's the same brand (ASICS Women's GT 2170) but a newer model of what I wore before with no issues.

But these rub on my heels like crazy and almost every run/walk I have bloody socks. I haven't had any other issues though with joint pain (like I got from a shoe a few years ago) so I can deal with investing a large portion of our income to Band-Aid purchases until it's time to get a new pair of shoes.

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