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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Race Report from a Different View

As mentioned in my Amica 5k recap, my kids came along and did their own 1/2 mile fun run. This is the first time either had done something like this. I first planned to have my son run the full mile but we never really did train him for running a longer distance without feeling like giving up so it was better to do the shorter distance and not feel so discouraged. My daughter was a last minute entry and I was more worried about her because she hates walking with us, let alone running. But she insisted and I was happy to have her try.

My son did well and my daughter ended up just walking most of the distance with me holding her hand (there was a bit of frustration on her part). But both of them finished which was the most important thing to me. They got a little medal and super kid capes to wear.

Here are their race reports (in their own words).

A. (my daughter, age 6):
Watching mommy run in the race was awesome! I got something even awesomer from the kid’s race. A medal!! And I got a pom-pom too. And when I saw mommy running in the race she was running so fast and sweaty. It was a great day. But that’s not all. Because it was so great playing at the playground. So we got up at 5:00 a.m. But I took a nap in the car on the way back. And we got McDonald’s for lunch! The playground was awesome too because it was fun playing around while waiting for the kid’s race. Even though I cried a bit… And I got a water bottle with the medal. So today was so great, really, really, really good. But the best part was when I saw mommy running the race. She wasn’t even in last place! Everyone had a great time. I even was feeding the birds. So it was great that I got to go there. Even though I had to wake up really, really early. It was great but tiring. But the greatest part was winning the medal and the water. So that was my day. I hope some other people have the same day as me when I’m older.

S. (my son, age 8)
In the race there was one part I loved the most; the part when I had determination. So really this is how it went. I was just finishing the race up when suddenly BOOM it felt horrible. There I was keeping my pace running ahead then I slowed down. I got courage and it felt like the light side in me was flooding the dark side and WOOSH I was sprinting as fast as I could, running in front again. A quick thought came to me I have never ever run this fast in my life. But then I lost it and slowed down. I got to the last part and I knew everyone behind me was trying to get in front. I got the feeling again and I sprinted to the finish. I felt tired but happy.

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