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Sunday, June 15, 2014


So day one of the new 10k training plan. I chose to start it on Sunday rather than my normal Mondays since I knew I had some other obligations on Monday that might risk not doing the workout at all.

This first day had a warm up run, some skipping exercises, and then progression runs (start slow, end faster). I felt a bit skeptical of the skipping - I knew it was a good exercise but I also knew I might feel silly doing it, in public.

The warm up run was fine, nothing special. I went to some soccer fields that are fairly close to where we live. Thankfully only one part of the fields were in use so I was able to use the other part without a crowd watching me.

How I felt while skipping:
How I probably looked to others:

It was fine - definitely got my heart rate up much higher than my normal even paced running. Switching to the progression runs afterwards were much harder. Kind of like bricks in triathlon training where you go from the bike to running and your legs are like, "what the heck are you doing?!?" But they got back into the groove and I finished things up.

All in all, I got over 5 miles in and burned about 900 calories. So it was a good workout. Any skeptical thoughts I had beforehand can now be answered thusly:

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