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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Results: 5/26-6/1

Did something all 7 days but one day didn't count for much since I ended it a little after 1 mile due to my bad mood. Total mileage was 26.47. I got 2 days of my C2-10K plan done (the 2nd day went a bit quicker than the first), 3 days of shorter interval running, and 1 day of that short walk. I think I only did one day of cross training this week so 4990 calories burned.

Diet:Not bad but not great either. It wasn't my focus this week and we ate out more this weekend which always means more calories.

2 lbs lost even with the diet not being too strict. However, I didn't get the loss until the end of the week. At the beginning I went up 1 lb. I was very glad when it came down 3 to give me my net loss of 2. I hope to lose 8-10 more lbs this month.

Next week:
Will finish week 10 of the C2-10K program and move on to week 11 which are 3 segments of 17 minute runs and a 1 minute walk. And back to trying to get more cross training. :) I start packing boxes this week so we'll just see how much time I have to get things done.

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