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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Results: 6/16-6/22

I worked out on Monday (a double workout), Wednesday, and Thursday. Rested my weary muscles on Tuesday and drove all day Friday. Then walked a thousand, non-GPS tracked miles on Saturday and Sunday. I'm still on vacation until Monday evening but we have done a lot of walking, and a bit of hiking on our trip to Montreal. But I won't have a total mileage or calories burned for this week outside of what I did on M,W,Th.

Diet:Not so bad really. Even with vacation I've been splitting portions and behaving in general. Except for our trip to the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont - free samples!! But they were small portions. I haven't been tracking my food very well this week so I may be under estimating calories so we'll see.

Weight:Before we left I was down 2 lbs. We'll see where I am once we're back.

Next Week:So, another weird week for my schedule (as will the week after this too). This is our final week in Connecticut and my family will be coming to help us out so we'll be taking them around New England for a bit of sight seeing. Once again, I will prioritize my 3 Up & Running workouts but probably won't get around to doing anything else outside of walking with the family at our various outings.

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