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Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly Results 6/2-6/8

6 out of 7 days but everything was more low key this week. I had one great day of running (Wednesday) but otherwise everything else felt ho-hum. C2-10K runs on 3 days, walks on 2 days, and a shorter interval run 1 day - nothing on Saturday. Only one day of cross training. Total mileage: 25.74. Total calories burned 4610. I didn't finish week 11 of the C2-10K because the weekend was really warm. I had planned to just walk on Saturday evening but forgot about it once we had dinner and were in relaxation mode. On Sunday I could have finished week 11 but I went with shorter intervals since the weather was so hot.

Ha ha ha. Diet? Who's on a diet?

I've had far too many indulgences lately. To the point where I need to put myself on strict restrictions again to curb the impulse eating/snacking.

Only half a pound lost at my lowest weight this past week. It's bounced up and down with my diet indulgences.

Next week:
So by the end of this week I'll be starting the new 10k training plan with Up & Running. I won't get to know much about it until Thursday. I will finish week 11 of the older C2-10K plan but haven't decided if I'll try any of week 12 before the new plan starts. I may just stick with shorter intervals for now. The weather is supposed to stay nice for this week so I won't have as many issues with warmer temps.

All, in all, I'm glad I have a new plan coming up because I need more motivation to take the next step. My mental energy is drained right now and the heat makes it easy for me to come up with excuses to not push as hard. I don't think June will be my best month but I will keep plugging along.

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