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Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Results: 6/9-6/15

A good week for running and mileage. Three days of the old C2-10K runs, two days of shorter interval runs, one day of walking, and one day of the new 10k training plan. My speeds were decent this week but the weather was also much cooler so that always helps. Total mileage was 30.2 miles and calories burned were 5329. There was no cross training as far as doing my videos but the new training plan has various exercises in it that will work my muscles differently than just running.

Meh. Some days I started off well and then ended poorly.

Weight Loss:
On Friday, after my run, I was down 1.5 lbs but the weekend wasn't good diet wise and I haven't weighed myself again yet. If you ignore it, it's not really happening....

**Edit - eventually weighed myself and kept the 1.5 loss so that's 31 lbs lost total now. My goal was to be at 35 lbs lost by the end of this month. Not sure I'll get there.

Next Week:
I have my new plan now. The first week are some drills with speed work and other various interval training (I'll talk about it more in other posts). I have some commitments with the kids' schools (this is their last week) and we're traveling at the end of the week so besides the 10k training plan with Up & Running I probably will just be doing some walks or having "rest" days. "Rest" meaning "I'm busy with other things so I'll make myself feel better by calling it a rest day."

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