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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why did I ever complain?

Now that it's June I get so happy to see a gray and cloudy day with an occasional chance of rain. Back in April this made me madder than a wet hen.

Monday's run was the final day for week 11 of C2-10k (3 segments of 17 min runs and 1 min walks). It had rained through most of the morning so it was closer to lunch time before I finally got out but it was still overcast and in the 60's - so lovely running weather.

I did NOT make the mistake of overdressing and I decided to run my normal course in reverse so that I hit the main hills at the beginning rather than the end. It was a brilliant run. Not as fast as last week's run but still in the 11's for my splits and my energy level stayed at a normal range.

Also, this past weekend I went ahead a signed up for another 1/2 marathon in October (so now I have one in October and one in November). The one in October is the same one I've done twice before. We'll just see if I properly train this year. The last time I ran it, in 2011, I was better conditioned because of my triathlon training but I hadn't done any real training for runs over 6 miles. I still finished the course without too much difficulty but I know it's within my grasp to get under 2:30 for a half if I put in the right kind of mileage leading up to the race. The 10K training is a good intermediate training to get me through the hottest months of the year and to work on increasing my speed and then I'll still have about 2 months to add on the extra mileage. So it's all realistic if I can just stay motivated.

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