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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why I'm against any kind of jumping exercises.

Every freakin' time.

Got through 22 minutes of running today. Only have to multiply that by 8 and I'm ready for the half!! Typed in my sarcastic voice. Actually it was a solid 22 minute run followed by a 5'ish minute walk and then another 10 minute run for a total of 3.5 miles.

I have a plan to increase my mileage over the next 11 weeks. On paper it works without killing myself or risking injury. My max long run before the race will be 11 miles. However, when I think of the work that needs to be put in my brain wants to stop me. Stupid brain.

My plan is to go slow and incorporate walk breaks. So my finish time will most likely by over the 2:40'ish range that I had before. I'm not too bummed about that knowing that in November I'll do the other half and will be much better prepared (and should be faster).

Went to Zumba again. Didn't like all of the song selections last night and definitely the moves were lower key so I know I didn't get the calorie burn that I like. Oh well, you win some and lose some.

No, that's not me at all... No.... not me.... nope.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Finding your path

As mentioned before, I got off track this month with the move and all. I feel like I'm slowly getting on board again although, it some ways it feels like taking a few steps back rather than forward.

Yes, this video really did happen - it wasn't all a bad dream.
I finally got up enough courage to do some outdoor running. A couple years back I would have been ecstatic over 80 degree mornings to run in but a winter up north has ruined that for me. However, it's not as bad as my newly sissified self believes it to be either. I got back to our local greenway (which was my main running route before for longer runs) and thankfully a large portion of it is shaded.

I'm slow and whiney and have to push myself to get through the week 5 routines of my old C25K program but the first step was getting over the "it's so hot!" mental block. It actually is going to be pretty nice here this week so I hope to get in 3 more runs before the end of the week. Since I've only done interval runs over the past few weeks my next run will be a 20 minute stretch (end of week 5 on C25K). If I'm feeling plucky I'll do a full two miles rather than 20 minutes. We'll see - the 8 minute intervals today felt rather long.

I'm not going to do every single day from week 6 forward. I'll probably just do one day each from weeks 6, 7, and 8 and then get back into the longer intervals that start in week 9. If I'm doing well there I might skip some days as well but we'll just have to see how quickly I can get back to where I was - if it's still a struggle then I won't skip ahead. Before I started the other 10k training program I was at the end of week 12. I feel like once I can run a full 6 miles again I can start looking at once a week long runs that slowly increase the miles and have shorter 4-6 miles runs on the other days. I'm starting a spreadsheet to plan it out. While the middle of October feels pretty far away there really aren't too many weeks left.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three things Thursday

Because apparently this "Three Things Thursday" is a trend in blogging - which means I may do it once.

1) Taking a three week break from running and exercising means that when you do finally run again your whole body is like, "what the heck dude!?"

2) I now live very close to fast food restaurants again and we've spent an abnormal amount of time driving around this town running errands and looking at neighborhoods we might want to buy a house in. I have not tracked my food for three weeks either which means my indulgent self thinks I should eat much more often than I really need to.

3) As of last week I hadn't gained any weight which is a miracle - I haven't checked this week but don't expect the same results.

So I'm totally off the plan for the Up & Running group and I don't really plan on trying to jump in again. I did a 30 min interval run (5 min runs and 3 min walks, repeat 3 times) and it about killed me this morning. I know I can get back to where I was pretty quickly if I stay on track but jumping 3/4th's into a 10k plan that focuses a lot of speed work feels too overwhelming to me at the moment. I can also go back to Zumba classes (which I did once last week) so I plan to incorporate that twice a week into my schedule.

But basically since moving back to Tennessee my extremely laid back, choose your own schedule life has essentially disappeared forever so I need to make adjustments. I will most likely start working again within the next month or two and there's just a lot of stuff to get done while we look at settling back into a permanent life (rather than an 11 month vacation).

My focus is on getting my diet back in order and looking at building up mileage for the half marathon in October. I have no time goals at this point (which means that I'll start obsessing about it in September) so it's just about the mileage for me right now. So the rest of this month is to getting back to a 10k distance and getting used to running in warmer weather.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The best of intentions

Stupid germs. One more day until we're back in Middle TN and settled in our town again but I have spent the whole move with a bad cold/possibly turning into bronchitis/I can't really breathe thing.

Last Thursday (6/29) was my last run. I only got in two runs last week in between the busy-ness of traveling, finalizing packing, starting the move, and the sickness hitting me.

When I ran on Thursday morning I wondered why I just felt so weary. Later that afternoon was when my throat starting hurting and then it quickly turned to coughing. It's progressively gotten worse each day.

So all of those intentions to use the hotel gyms have been thrown out the window. I can only do two of these three things at the same time: Move, Be Sick, and Exercise. I still hope to get back on board by the end of this week.