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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The best of intentions

Stupid germs. One more day until we're back in Middle TN and settled in our town again but I have spent the whole move with a bad cold/possibly turning into bronchitis/I can't really breathe thing.

Last Thursday (6/29) was my last run. I only got in two runs last week in between the busy-ness of traveling, finalizing packing, starting the move, and the sickness hitting me.

When I ran on Thursday morning I wondered why I just felt so weary. Later that afternoon was when my throat starting hurting and then it quickly turned to coughing. It's progressively gotten worse each day.

So all of those intentions to use the hotel gyms have been thrown out the window. I can only do two of these three things at the same time: Move, Be Sick, and Exercise. I still hope to get back on board by the end of this week.

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