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Friday, August 8, 2014


Still trying to get on a good schedule. Missed most of this week due to back to school madness for the kids. Wait? Didn't they just finish school like 6 weeks ago? Yes, yes they did. The joys of ending school in CT and starting again in TN.

Sooooooo....... I went out today. It was hot and humid and nasty. And brilliant woman that I am, I decided to go 6 miles by running 4 minutes and walking 1. I started regretting this decision when I got to mile 3. The last 3 miles back sometimes had longer walking breaks. I was just so hot and had already blown through my water bottle. I refilled at a water fountain but knew I really should have had some Nu-un tablets or something since I was losing so much in sweat.

But in spite of the fact that it took me over 80 minutes to "run" 6 miles I instantly felt better about myself when I passed this guy:


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