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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just because everybody hates it doesn't mean it's not good

Today was nicer. Lower humidity and lower temps. Nice to run in 70 degree temps instead of 90's. If you were to look at my GPS data you'd see I ran 10 miles today at an incredible speed. But then again I forgot to stop the GPS when I got back to my car....

I actually went 5 miles. Still in intervals but I went longer (13:3 more or less). Still a major struggle. Enough of a struggle that I had to start thinking that the October half may end up being a DNF or just super slow. So far the best interval combination that I've tried is a 4:1. So that's what I'll do on my long runs as prep. My shorter runs I'll still try to run longer intervals just to build up my endurance. It's just frustrating since I was able to successfully do the longer intervals back in June.

Even though I didn't sweat as much today I still went and picked up a BOGO deal for PowerAde. I dislike it almost as much as Gatorade but it does help me recover a little faster. But after taking a sip this morning after my run I immediately thought of this scene.

This is my reaction to drinking any kind of "sport's drink":

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