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Monday, August 11, 2014

Me and Olaf in la la land

Actual picture of me today.
Aaaah August. You are so delightful with your high heat and higher humidity. Running during the month of August is everything one dreams of. It makes achieving your goals feel realistic. Like anything is possible.

And then I come back to consciousness from my apparent heat stroke.

Why August, why?

Four miles on the greenway today: two 10 minute stretches with 1 minute walking break in between and then it was off and on running. I pretended to run when I could - the pace wasn't any faster than walking but my gait was different - but walked a lot because it was just too warm and humid. With all of my walking (including warm up and cool down) it took 55 minutes. Looking back at my data I started off at a quicker pace than I thought I was going. It was between 10-11 minutes per mile. I was kind of following a pair of ladies that had gone past me while I was still doing my walking warm up. Unfortunately, they slowed to a walk so I lost my pacers. For my last stretch I was more at the 12 m/m which is really all I was aiming for during this weather.

But even though running is not fun nor rewarding right now I did actually weigh myself again. It had been a couple of weeks since I dared to look. During my July hiatus I was super surprised not to have gained any weight. I haven't been tracking my food and I snack when stressed, bored, happy, or sad - so you know anytime. But today, after running but also I had drank quite a lot to replenish as well, I was down 2 pounds. So I'm now at my goal weight for July - just a month behind schedule. Nine pounds to one-derland and I've had some fun buying slacks that actually fit - even when I sit down.

I had a weird spike over the weekend in the hits on here which made me go back and look at some of the posts that had been visited. It was good to look back and read the older entries and know I could get there again. If I can only get past August with it's 80% humidity days.

Plan is for 4 runs this week and one zumba class. Schedule should allow for it. Now back to chugging some more water.

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