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Friday, August 15, 2014

When you expect an iced soy latte and you get an iced chai latte (not chia latte)

I treated myself to Starbucks after my run this morning. I ordered an iced soy latte which, after a pumpkin spiced latte on a cool fall day, is my favorite coffee drink. It's not that I don't like chai lattes - they're fine in their own way. But I wasn't expecting a chai latte and when I took my first sip of that sweet/nutmeg'y taste I almost slammed on my brakes and turned the car around. Until I took a breath and realized it wasn't all that bad even if it wasn't what I wanted.

Kind of like my running.

Did you catch that attempt at being profound? Subtle eh?

Listen, there are lots of things that haven't gone the way I expected or wanted in my life. But if I give it some time I usually reconcile myself to the disappointment or frustration. And overall, I have a fantastic life. I just sometimes forget that when my focus is on the things I want rather than appreciating what I have.

As I went on my sssslllooooowwwwww long run today (7 miles) I was bogged down in the frustration of it being so difficult to do this, and was it even a good idea, and running in August is idiotic (even though it really wasn't that bad outside), and loads of other negative thoughts. Then I would try to get myself out of my grumpy mood by yelling at myself for being negative (mentally - I wasn't the crazy lady yelling at herself while passing/being passed by other runners/walkers). Finally around 3.5 miles into my run I finally came to a clear realization.

So what if my run/walk intervals meant going at almost a 14 m/m pace? I'm blessed enough to have the time and health to get out and run. Even if I'm not in a good place fitness wise to complete a half marathon at the pace I would like; at least I have something on my plate that pushes me to get out there and push myself harder than I would if I were just focusing on 5k's or 10k's.

I was still glad to be done with my run today but it made the second half more bearable. Also, 3:2's are intervals that I can do for 13.1 miles if needed. I'll be one of the last ones at the finish line but I could finish. While I still want to be a bit faster for race day at least I know I could do it.

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