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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Middle Half Results

Lack of posts equals lack of training. Plain and simple.

Since I last left you I have travelled a bit and started working again. Between my schedule, my husband's schedule, sinus headaches, and basic laziness there wasn't much training over the past several weeks. I did a couple long runs - which were enough to show me that I can walk/run for a long distance but I never did go further than 7'ish miles.

Then it started raining. All freakin' week with more scheduled for this morning. I still didn't back out. I was emotionally prepared to be much slower than my last 1/2 or to even DNF. But I got up this morning and was actually pretty excited to do the race. The rain wasn't too bad - there was a long section of misty rain but I didn't get too wet overall.

My plan was run 3 minutes, and walk 2 minutes. And that's what I did - after the first mile. I went ahead and jogged the full first mile at a 12 m/m pace. After that my pace varied between 13-14 m/m for miles 2-8. Then crept above 14 m/m after mile 8. I really, really, really felt the race from mile 9-13.1. I was close enough that I wasn't going to stop and give up, but it was no longer enjoyable - at all. I saw that I wouldn't be able to stay under 3 hours but in the end I wasn't too far past it - 3:02:something.

I got a little bit of food because I got super hungry on the race. I brought Gu Chomps (for energy) and had a half of an orange on the course but I was ready for starchy carbs.  And despite the name of this blog I did drink some Gatorade at half of the aid tables, doesn't mean that I like it any better. The food tent had pizza which I grabbed but I only took a bite. I overestimated my stomach's ability to actually eat after a long race. I did really enjoy a carton of chocolate milk however. Then I drove home to find my husband fighting the flu - or something like it - so my plans to stay in bed for the rest of the day were pretty much ruined.

Every time I do a half I really enjoy the first 6 miles, am still okay through 6-9, and hate the rest. And yet, I keep trying them rather than sticking with 10-15k races as my max distance.

I'm sore but can move with the help of ibuprofen. And I need to do some short runs this week and actually do a bit more training for the next one in November. Good lord, why did I sign up for two?

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