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Monday, October 20, 2014

My non-Eminem version of 8 Miles

Nothing inspirational to write about but wanted to check in that I did one long run last week. One week after the half I got out to do a long run. I had no real plans - at least 4 miles but whatever felt fine.

After a rough start: "good God I forgot about those particular butt muscles", I got to about the 2 mile mark and then figured:

"Hey it's a nice day let's take this path which will put me at a 7 mile run."

And please understand that I'm very liberal with my use of the word "run". This weekend it was 5 minute jogs with 2 minute walks - until the end when sometimes I did 3 run/2 walk or just kept going because I was close to the end, and I had a good song on, and:

"For the love of God I was NOT going to let that girl pass me AGAIN...."

Apparently I have a lot of irreverent spiritual thoughts while I run.

But I did eventually talk myself into an 8 mile run/walk/whatever - which I have now decided I will abbreviate as "RWW" in future posts. Most of my splits were in the 13:30+ range. I didn't really care at all about time. My only plan for the next couple of weeks is to get long runs of 8-10 miles on the weekends and if I can I'll do some shorter 2-4 mile runs in the middle of the week. I don't have high hopes that I'll actually achieve these goals but there you go. Just for fun we'll say my race goal is to be under 3 hours.

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