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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ah weights, I knew you well

So I didn't get around (or rather I didn't get enough energy/gumption/willpower) to doing my strength training DVD workout on Monday as my schedule called for. It just wasn't what I wanted to do at 8 p.m. when I'm already thinking about calling it a night and snuggling into bed.

Instead I got some time on the weight machines on Tuesday after my cardio. I did three machines for legs and three for arms. I made the mistake of putting a leg press setting closer to my older weights that I could do. I think the best I was able to for the leg bench press machine was about 120 so I set yesterday's for 90 lbs. I could still do it but quickly realized that since it's been about a year since I've even done squats on a regular basis my legs were not ready for 90 lbs. I did the other two reps at 70 lbs and that was better but still a struggle. My arms were fine - they're sore but not painfully sore. My thighs/quads however hate me.

Since it's hotter than Hades here this week and I couldn't get an early A.M. jog in on Tuesday I went to my rec center after work and hit their indoor track (6.5 laps = 1 mile). I completed week one of C2-10K and laughed at how tired I was after 1 minute jogging intervals - it's rather sad but I accept it and move on. The pace for the 30 minutes averaged out to be 15 min/miles (this includes the warm up and cool down walk).

Last spring when I started running again after a couple of years off I was super disappointed by how slow I was going (since I was never a fast runner to begin with - even when I was in relatively good shape). But right now I'm not bothered by it. I guess it's because I'm over doing races. My focus right now is just on building up endurance to get back to 6 mile runs. If I eventually do them at a 12-13 min/mile pace I'm okay with that. The speed will come if I keep up with this.

When I first started jogging a few years ago - and I mean "first" since I could never even do the mile test runs in elementary school - I built up my endurance just by how long I could run - I didn't know much about the C25K programs (this was pre-podcast or apps days) so I would just go on the treadmill, set it at 5.0 mph and jog until I couldn't make it anymore. I struggled to get to even a 1/4 mile. I still vividly remember when I got to a full mile. I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell my trainer. He too, encouraged me to not focus on any kind of speed but rather distance. So from there it just built up to how many minutes I could run and eventually to how many miles I could go. I think that once I got to 3 miles it was when I even began to think about pace. Before then it was just a matter of making it x number of minutes or x total miles. Eventually, my best paces were a 10:14 pace for a 15k race and a 9:14 for a 5K race (anything above 15K moved to at least an 11:30 or higher pace). And my fastest mile test was right at 8 minutes. But this was after a lot of training - it didn't come quickly or easily.

So all of that rambling to basically say this time around I'm not worried about the mental games of "Can I do this? Is this even possible for someone like me?" nor "I used to be so much better!!" I know what to do and what works for me. It's just putting the time and effort in and knowing it will pay off. I think my only real worry right now is sustained motivation. The move last summer threw everything off track and a few years ago it was some minor health issues. I'm completely motivated right now but it's only been 2.5 weeks. So here's hoping it lasts.

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