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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

C c c cravings

Day 9 on the diet. Just inhaled my lunch (salmon and green beans) and wanted so much more. So I started thinking fondly of my regular indulgences of the past 6 months. First, it was just having a diet soda. I am trying to cut those out of my diet but out of all of my current cravings I figured this was the one I could allow back in with the least consequences. But quickly I thought about this...

Oh you caramel coffee goddess you....

And I know these are horrible for you - I'm not dumb. But the heart wants what it wants. So since my, "Don't think about it - don't think about it - don't think about it" chant wasn't working I instead decided to investigate it.

Here's the nutritional data for a medium caramel frappe (from McD's website):

550 calories are more than a 1/3 of my daily calories, 22 g of fat are easily 75% of my daily fat grams right now (plus the 14g of sat fat would make myfooddiary counts explode). And 78 g of carbs are more than half my carb intake.

And looking at this helps. If I just looked at the calories I could probably talk myself into one with the idea that I could burn off the calories or cut something else out. But making up for that fat and carb intake it so much harder to adjust for without just not eating altogether. And while I love frappes I can't survive on caramel alone.

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