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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Calories, fat, and carbs! Oh my!

This is more for me to look back on later but I wanted to jot down what I've been eating recently. The one issue I have with MyFoodDiary is that I always forget to print off my records before closing an account. Once you close your account (i.e. decide to finally stop paying because you haven't tracked anything in 2-3 months and your husband is wondering why you're still paying $9/mth for it) all your info is lost. So while it's great to track everything I don't have historical data on my calorie intake or old weight losses. Since I shy away from announcing my actual weight numbers on this blog I have to depend on my memory of how much I weighed at any particular point in time. So this time I have some back-ups in case I fall off the wagon again and later I want to see what I was doing.

I eat three meals and at least two snacks during the day. Breakfast is one of the three: oatmeal with yogurt, cheerios with almond milk and chia seeds, or egg whites with mozzarella cheese. My favorite morning snack is celery and hummus (always eaten at 10 a.m. and if you ask me what I'm doing at 9:53 a.m. on any given day I will tell you I'm counting down the minutes).

I love this snack. I eat the individual Sabra hummus cups and the crunch of the celery with that is pretty satisfying. But it's important to remember:

Lunch almost everyday has been a salad with the following: romaine lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, ranch dressing, and either grilled chicken or chick peas. I recently switched to the chicken to cut out some carbs (even though I know carbs from chick peas are not bad carbs but it was part of my experiment that week). I keep the ranch dressing down to about 1 tbsp and since I don't have a lot of fat otherwise in my diet I don't worry about the fat content in the dressing. I hate salads with healthy dressing so if eating a bit of ranch dressing gets me to have more veggies in my diet I'll do it.

This actually happened the other day! I settled on just smelling the Krispy Kremes and calling it good.
Also, at lunch I'll take my vitamins. I do 1 daily multi vitamin, 2 D3-400 iu, and 1 Super B. The D and B are to help my thyroid issues and I think they do help with overall energy levels. 

Afternoon snack, which I always eat at 2 or 2:30, is always a 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese. It's so delicious as well. And dinner is where I'm far more flexible but I plan it out according to what I still need for the day. For instance, we had taco night the other night and I still had the ground beef (90% lean) and refried beans (vegetarian) but no tortilla - I used large romaine leafs as my "shell" and I kept the portions of beef and beans small enough that the calories and fat content stayed within my allowances. It was actually quite good. Also, I have binging issues with chips and salsa so I didn't even let myself taste one chip as I knew the taste would lead me to wanting far more than 1. But if I do have enough wiggle room in my percentages then I can allow myself other (non-binge type) indulgences - such as I had 6 oz of red wine (which actually is not a binge item for me although I do love it dearly) last night with dinner. I've been off alcohol for about a month now and really got to enjoy that glass without feeling guilty about it being "empty calories".

During the day I'm also trying to up my water/liquid intake so after my morning cup of coffee I'll drink about 30 oz worth of iced green tea (no sugar), and then another 45+ oz of water throughout the rest of the day (and yes, I do have to pee all the time as a result - oh well). I still occasionally will drink a diet soda but I'm really trying to cut those down so it's only when the thought of one is driving me mad that I'll go ahead and get one. So far I've only had one each week and am currently motivated to cut it down further after my recent experience with having a large coke zero last weekend.

Finally, I might have a third "snack" but it depends on my exercise and overall allowances. For instance, today (on the day I wrote this post) I'll have a Special K protein shake after my exercise as a recovery drink but I fit in those calories without subtracting my exercise (thus decreasing my overall net calorie intake). When I get further along, or notice my body stalling, I will account more for my exercise calories but for now I have enough "reserves" for my body to use. Disclaimer: this may not be the best thing to do as everything I read says to count in your calories burned as part of your calorie allowance but for right now I'm not feeling so hungry that I think it's harmful, and it gives me a little more buffer room as I'm sure I'm underestimating some of my calorie intake while overestimating some of my calories burned.

When I'm feeling motivated I love tracking my food. I love playing around with the percentages to see what can be added or subtracted to make my numbers go into the "green/happy zone". So doing the extra work is fun and not a burden. The only time I don't like doing it is when I go off the rails or try to fit in a meal that is difficult to track (such as a meal out at a non-chain restaurant).

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