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Monday, June 15, 2015

First week in

So I survived the first week of getting on track for my eating. I lost about 7 pounds total which is awesome BUT there are some disclaimers in the weight loss. Mainly that my high weight was taken under the worst conditions (middle of the afternoon, after eating, and fully clothed). So I think we could shave two-three pounds off of that for a more realistic weight loss.

The other is that while I'm not exactly doing low carb (which I define as less than 150 grams of carb per day) I am doing "lower" carb and am sticking as close to 150 as I can get. Since I eat a lot of legumes, fruit, and things like oatmeal or whole grain cheerios I really don't get much under 150 on any given day. However, I understand that with any kind of lower carb you do lose water weight so I also factor that into the bigger weight loss in my first week.
**Correction - I actually just looked at my carbs for the past 7 days and I averaged around 120g carbs per day so I was much lower than I thought. This isn't a long term plan as I will increase my carbs once my exercise increases. But I still plan to keep the overall percentage as no more than 50% of my total calories come from carbs.

My calorie consumption usually aims for a 2-2.5 lbs loss per week so I know that pretty soon I'll float down to that kind of loss each week. Though I hope I still get a boost in this second week.

Plan for week two:
Pretty close to week one. My husband gets back into town (he was on an extended trip) which will help me with childcare issues so that I can get workouts in but it also means that cooking changes. I'm okay with just eating a black bean burger patty and egg whites for dinner - him, not so much.

We have used the Blue Apron meal service a few times and I've been looking at how to incorporate that into my diet plans. I like the service because it gives us interesting meals but when I plugged in the info I was floored by the nutritional data. One of our next meals has like 45 grams of fat in one serving. I might as well eat Chicken Crispers at Chilis for that kind of fat content. I can play with how I cook it. For instance this particular meal has mashed potatoes that are made with a whole lot of butter and heavy cream - so I can definitely lighten that and reduce the fat and calorie content. We'll see.

My exercise plan is to start a C2-10K program again. I'm still exploring what other things I'll want to do. I have easy access to a nice gym again so I can get group workouts and equipment. It's just a matter of finding something that I will keep doing on a regular basis.

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