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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hit the road

We had been blessed with a cooler summer thus far but are now in a heatwave. Yesterday morning was overcast and I got in a nice 3 mile walk around my neighborhood. Today there were no clouds I about melted after a 2 mile C2-10K interval run. I miss Connecticut summer runs (though not the winter).

I'm starting at the beginning of the C2-10K again. My plan is to do those 3x a time a week, walk the other days, and try to get 2 days of weight training (either the machines/weights at the gym or my video).

Diet is still going well. Weight is still coming off - just more slowly as I knew would happen after the initial bloat release. I'm expecting a 2 lb loss for 9 lbs total in two weeks. A good start.

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