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Sunday, June 28, 2015

One day more....

Only one more day until I can report my 3rd week numbers. So far it's looking good (more on that later).

Saturday ended up being a difficult day for food desires. I overcame but it was not a pleasant day. It started off good but then I made (or was forced into) some areas which made the rest of the day harder.

So waking up at 5 a.m. means that I'm eating earlier than my normal time - this wasn't so bad and in fact I couldn't even finish my oatmeal w/yogurt because I got full about 2/3 of the way through it (mistake 1 - not enough breakfast calories).

After my walk I had a cup of 1% milk as my recovery drink and a bit later I had my normal hummus and celery mid-morning snack. This was all fine.

But then, since I had to work Saturday morning (which was not a thrilling concept) and I had done so well all week I rewarded myself with a large coke zero from McD's. Add to that, the fact that my lunch was delayed until 1:30 (when I finally got home). I've read different studies about the fake sugar playing havoc with your insulin levels and desire for real sugar and thus you want to eat more. It definitely seemed to be true today - maybe more motivation to kick the diet soda habit for good, we'll see. Sometimes that seems far less realistic than me actually reaching my dream weight. :)

I had my normal lunch (although very late) and afternoon snack but I was really struggling. I was only thinking of all the lovely saltine crackers, or goldfish crackers, or ritz bitz crackers, or heck even a bowl of cheerios. I held myself off and waited until dinner but then was STILL struggling post dinner. However, none of it was actual hunger - just the desire to eat more snack type food. I made some mint tea and had a couple "dips" of honey (basically I just squeeze a small amount on my finger so my mouth tastes the sweetness and is tricked out of its need for something sweet).

I'm proud for not snacking - my motivation to hit my mini-goal on Wednesday is very strong. But I'm not exactly in a pleasant mood. I know however that pigging out won't make me happy either so I content myself to go to bed feeling a little grumpy. Also, another achievement was that my children asked for chocolate mini-donuts for breakfast tomorrow and I refused to buy them because I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid them. I know what are worse triggers than others and chocolate mini-donuts are definitely a binge food for me.

Speaking of my mini-goal - just 2 ounces to go (for a full 12 pound loss).  Any more than that will give me some wiggle room for my clothing (although I've noticed that the majority of my clothes don't actually make too much difference in my weight - it's all psychological). After this initial 12 my next mini-goal will be an additional 15 pounds.

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