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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Schedule changes? Maybe, maybe not.

*Written Friday evening.

When I initially plotted out my schedule for this, the 3rd week, I planned around my weekend activities - Saturday I have to work in the morning but could hit the gym right after before going home but Sunday was going to be busier with a trip to the zoo taking up a good portion of the day. But then I switched things around and now it's Friday night (after a good workout with W2D1 of C2-10K and then weights) and my legs say - please don't make me do W2D2 of C2-10k tomorrow like you originally planned. Please, please, please!

So I'm thinking I will change things because another tempting factor is that the weather Sunday morning should actually be somewhat cool and a little less humid (we had 92% humidity this morning - I just walked outside and was drenched in sweat). It's much nicer to get my exercise done outside than on the indoor track (but the indoor track is better than the treadmill - I have a preference hierarchy). This means I need to commit to being out of the house no later than 8 a.m. on Sunday but that's the hesitation factor because I don't like leaving the house early on weekends.

Or I could wait until Saturday evening to do my exercise once the sun is fairly low, the rain storm is done, and the humidity is down. But like early mornings it's also very hard to get me out of the house to do something post dinner.

Well, I won't decide tonight when my muscles are still sore. I'll see how I feel in the morning and go from there. But one way or the other I'll have one day of just walking and the other of W2D2.

**Update - I woke up at 5 a.m. (ugh) and it wasn't raining around 7 am so I headed out for a walk around my neighborhood (ended up being 3.36 miles). Tomorrow will be my run.

In other news, W2 of C210K has you running for 90 seconds and then walking for 2 minutes. I found out today that it takes me about 90 seconds to run one lap of the indoor track and since the laps are 6.5 laps = 1 mile that puts the running portion of my session around a 10:00 m/m pace. No wonder I was getting exhausted and my heart rate was too high. Good grief. I will definitely need to make myself slow down as the running portions get longer or I won't be able to last through them.

The weights part of today's workout was a bit smoother than Tuesday. I made notes of the weights I was using and how many reps. There were still a couple of machines where I went too high (I way over-estimated my strength for the Chest Press machine) but I'm getting more used to which machines I want to use and how I should set them up for the time being. If I can ever get more than 30 minutes available (on my schedule) I'll add in a few more machines but as it is I can barely get through the 3 reps each on the 6 machines in that amount of time. Of course I could always add in a third day or alternate which muscle groups I'm working on... (so logical it's crazy!)

Finally - I'm going to start swimming laps again. I'll have to figure out where to fit it in and I'm also thinking about possibly joining a 2 week long group swim lesson to work on my form and such but I do eventually want to do a triathlon again and the swimming would be a great thing to work on in the meantime. I need to buy another swim cap and goggles since I have no idea where my last pair ended up after 3 moves - plus since it's been more than a couple of years the material is probably worn down anyway.

Anyway, just more random musings...

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