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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 3 Results and Schedule for Week 4

I don't understand these kind of people either Tina.
First off - Skinny Cow is way worse for you than I originally thought when I decided, "hey, you've had a really good week and that's not too indulgent of a dessert." It was absolutely delicious but then I found out of the 13g of fat, 9g were saturated fat. And boom - there goes my happy green zones for today.

But in the bigger weekly picture it's okay. Overall, my sat. fat grams were low and I did have more than enough net calories left that I should have been able to indulge without guilt. I'm still working through the mental part of it...

Dinner was horrible on Sunday. I hate wasting calories on a bad dinner. And then I also got some potentially bummer news (nothing horrible but just disappointing) and so I ended what should have been a great week on a down note.

And the first thing I wanted to do was feed those disappointed feelings. But I didn't. One, it won't help me feel any better, and two I'll get over this eventually and then be mad at myself for wasting potential forward movement. So without further ado here are week 3's results.

I did something every day for the past week. Sometimes it was just a long walk but every activity burned at least 300 calories. I did do weights twice - which is an achievement because I usually flake out on weights. And I finished week 1 of C210K and got through 2 days of week 2. The jogging portions are hard (which is silly but I accept it) but I made it through each section. I'm a bit a sore and my right knee is achy but the soreness is a sign that things are working - the achy means I should probably use less weight on the leg press until my knees are better able to handle it.

I'm very proud of myself this past week. My average daily carbs were 108g, my goal had been 115g. I handled the lower carbs without too many issues (just cravings at the end of the week). As I said before, my focus isn't on low carbs so while I think the carb experiment was a success on the weight front it's not my long term plan. I can totally get behind cutting out/down breads, pasta, and rice but I don't think it's right to start thinking that legumes and fruit are bad because they up your carb counts. I also don't want to feel like I have to have meat everyday of the week in order to get the energy/protein I need because I am cutting out those legumes. So I'm going to continue to play around with how many carbs I should have. While I'm losing at least 2 lbs a week I'm ok and I think I can still do that while keeping under 150g of carb each day (rather than under a 100).

As far as accurate tracking is concerned I think I'm doing okay so far. If you use that old equation of burning/reducing 3500 calories for 1 pound, my numbers come up pretty close to equaling that. I've started a spreadsheet to monitor that because I know it's super easy for me to underestimate my portion sizes and the "calories burned" counters on various calculators and equipment aren't always accurate. Thus if I come into a week or two where I'm stalling I can switch things up a little.

Weight: 3.6 lb loss - 12.2 lb loss total (boom baby!)

Except for that first day watching my weight on the scale has been a fun thing this week. Every day has been a loss of a few ounces. I made my first mini-goal which makes me super happy. There's still not much physical change but I feel much better about myself and feel healthier just knowing that I'm making the right choices with diet and exercise. I probably need another 10 lbs before I notice any changes in the way my clothes feel. But I did take measurements at the beginning of this week and took a front and side picture of myself so that I can compare it to where I am a month (or two, or three) from now.

Here's usually where I find myself on the sizing chart (approximately):

  • Start weight - pushing the max of a size 16, far more comfortable in 18's
  • 15-20# loss - size 14
  • 30-40# loss - size 12
  • 50-60# loss - size 10

After that? Who knows! I had just started to fit into size 10's at my lowest weight before - but I've saved most of those clothes and am looking forward to putting them on again. But in reality, I don't get too caught up in my "size". I've fluctuated too much over the years to get that upset about being above a size 12. But I will have more clothes to choose from in my closet once I can get back to at least a 12.

My total weight loss (long term) goal is 72# which will bring me to "normal" on a BMI scale. But I really try not to think about the final goal because it seems so far away. Like I said in a previous post, my next mini goal is an additional 15 lbs and this goal will take longer to get to since I won't have the nice 7 lb loss like I had in my first week this first time around. :)

Schedule for Week 4:
Monday - Elliptical and Weights (gym)
Tuesday - C210K, Week 2, Day 3
Wednesday - Zumba!
Thursday - C210K, Week 3, Day 1 (jog 90 sec, walk 90 sec, jog 3 min, walk 3 min - twice)
Friday - Walk and weights video (home)
Saturday - C210K, Week 3, Day 2
Sunday - Walk/Rest Day

We have the July 4th Holiday during this week so I have to figure out how to get my cardio outside of the gym Friday-Sunday (I use the university gym and it closes on long holiday weekends). I prefer being outside but just hope it's not too hot/humid/rainy this coming week (there's a lot of rain in the forecast). I still get activity on rest days but keep it to just a longer walk. I need the movement to stretch out the muscles. Finally, I will consider doing weights at the gym on Thursday instead of at home on Friday as there's a better chance I'll actually do them if I just do it while I'm at the gym already.

Diet: nothing should change too much. I'm happy with the food I'm eating for now (will talk more about this in a future post). Even if it is a lot of repetition it hasn't bored me yet. Mostly I have to figure out dinners that are filling but not reliant on starches.

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