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Monday, June 22, 2015

Week Two Results and Schedule

So we went out to lunch yesterday (to celebrate Father's Day) and I indulged a bit with some chicken schwarma and paid the price. Such an unhappy tummy/digestive system.

Two weeks in and I've finally gotten used to (more or less) the lower calorie diet. Not to say that I don't have cravings but it's not the, "good Lord I'm dying I'm so hungry" feeling all day anymore.

We had a really good dinner on Saturday. It was from Blue Apron and was cod on top of a bed of spring vegetables (radishes, asparagus, and fingerling potatoes) with a mustard vinaigrette sauce. Very good stuff. Tonight it's chicken meatballs in a hoisin glaze (my sodium levels will go through the roof).

Didn't quite lose the full second pound like I hoped too (I blame the schwarma) so I'm a few ounces shy of 9 lbs total. I did get in exercise on Friday-Sunday and have started my C2-10K plan again.

Here's my plan for Week 3, exercise wise:
Monday: Walk (a.m.) and weight video (p.m.)
Tuesday: C2-10K, week 1 day 3
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: C2-10K, week 2 day 1
Friday: Walk and weight video
Saturday: C2-10K, week 2 day 2 and elliptical (15-20 min)
Sunday: Walk/rest day

My exercise is still fairly low key for calorie burn. The C2-10K program is only about 30 minutes and it's still mostly walking. My other walks are only 2-3 miles. But I'll ramp it up over time so I'm not too worried about it for now.

Food plan is still the same. I'm still aiming for 1200 calories per day since my burned calories aren't substantial.

So all in all not much exciting to blog about, it's just trying to get into a schedule and better habits. And also about being patient about the amount of time it will take to get to my goals - which in the big picture is really not too bad but when you're at the beginning looking forward it seems like a long stretch of road.

But we'll get there.

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