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Friday, July 31, 2015

Whatever Friday...

Ugh - such a week. Where do I start? There's good and bad.

  1. I bought running new shoes and capris. The capris are almost see through. You can totally see my underwear. Awkward. The shoes are good though.
  2. The scale has not moved this week. Well I take that back - it moved up a half pound and stuck there. I was doing everything right but it wasn't moving. We'll see what happens over the weekend.
  3. Still feeling hungry this week. By Thursday I was tired of fighting it and went a little overboard. Once again, in the overall picture I was fine, it was a 1600'ish calorie day so when you count my exercise calories of 652 I still had wiggle room. But they weren't good choices. 
  4. Part of those 1600'ish calories though were some extra carbs which made running C210K W7D1 much easier. I made it through a little more than 2 miles on the running portion (which was 25 min). My splits were 11 and 11:30. So I'm doing better than how I'm feeling about it.
  5. If I was clueless before, finding this nutrition data makes me understand why I so quickly gained weight this spring... (The Colossal Carrot Cake from McAlister's Deli)
Holy $%^&

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oops, I did it again...

My new running partners.
In what should not come as a surprise to anyone, I just registered for a 5k: http://www.doughboychallenge.com.

Yes, me - the one who just was complaining about how hard running 2 miles was. (Apparently, this is how I shut myself up from whining.)

And it's in late August - so it will still be hot and miserable!! I'm brilliant.

But seriously, I looked at it and could find no legitimate reasons not to register. Here are the good things...

  1. I should be far enough in my C210K to run the majority of it.
  2. But I can run/walk it if needed because I'm not trying to get a PR (though mark my words, as I get closer to the date I'll start making time goals for myself)
  3. It's a local race. 
  4. The course is a nice one.
  5. It also supports a few charities I believe in.
  6. And if I get a picture of myself next to the Doughboy I'm sure to look skinny.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mid-Week Musings

I wanted some extra caffeine on Monday morning so I pulled into McD's. I decided to get something different, but still relatively healthy, so I ordered a medium, iced non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte (it was complicated to order and it took them a couple of tries to understand me). And this is what they handed me...

Because whipped cream is totally non-fat and sugar free.

I was just going to dump the top portion of whipped cream but a quick sip told me that the rest of the drink wasn't sugar free either. So I then had to go in and have them make a new one. Except - the sugar free vanilla crap is still way too sweet and quite disgusting. So that's a drink I won't be having again. I'll just go back to my plain sugar free iced coffees and deal with the fat from the creamer.

Then, because having a morning coffee ruined isn't enough for one day, my shoes broke.

I've had these shoes FOREVER (I really can't remember when I bought them but I know it was several years ago...) so I guess it was their time. Plus they squeaked something awful whenever I walked in them. Thankfully, I had my sneakers since I brought clothes to work out in but sneakers and a skirt isn't exactly a winning professional combo.

And the last shot that Monday threw at us was that my hubby got a speeding ticket. Jayzus Monday, give us a break already!

Actually, I guess it did since I later took my son to get some shoes (as his were falling apart too) and I found a pair of boy's dress shoes marked down to $3. We'll see how long they last...

In other musings, I found a solution to feeling gross after lunch time workouts...

The quick bath of champions.
And my weekly workout schedule is being adjusted due to a class cancellation and my failure to bring the $1 for the other class I had planned on. It's all good though - you adjust and move on.

Finally, I've been scrolling through blog land to find some new blogs for my introverted support group needs.

I love reading about other people's successes and trials. Many of the previous blogs I followed either no longer post regularly, or they've moved on from "weight loss" goals. Which is cool - everyone has different stages on their journey but it doesn't help me when I need to something to distract me from the thoughts of the Ghirardelli chocolate basket down the hall (yes, it's still there! but I only had those two pieces last week and have avoided it since).

One post that I found was pretty intriguing since it seems to sync up to some of my recent observations about myself and cravings: How I stopped binging. I have definitely found that I struggle more with cravings whenever I "allow" myself to have something with a lot of sugar or processed carbs. It also fits into my findings that my once beloved Coke Zero was actually making me want to eat more.

Anyway, if you're a silent reader (I know you're out there from my analytics) and you have a blog that you keep up with please send me the link. I'd love to hear your story.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mini-Size Me

No whammy, no whammy, no whammy!
Unless it's a weird or bad week I should be able to reach Mini Goal #2 by the end of this week. This was the 15 lb loss goal. At this point I'll be back to the same weight I got down to last summer before we moved back to TN and I got way off track again. But I still have quite a lot to go - another 45 lbs -so here are my next few mini-goals.

  • Completed Mini Goal One: lose 12 lbs - to get to the weight that was on my health insurance personal assessment - goal date July 1st
  • Almost Completed Mini Goal Two: lose 15 lbs - to get to my lowest weight last summer - original goal date Aug. 8th
  • Mini Goal Three: lose 11 lbs - to no longer be "obese" on the BMI scale - goal date Aug. 24th or Aug. 31st
  • Mini Goal Four: lose 16 lbs - which will bring me to a 20% loss overall from my starting weight - goal date Oct. 31st
  • Mini Goal Five: lose 8 lbs - which brings me back to the lowest weight I've been since becoming an adult (last achieved in 2010) - goal date November 30th
  • Mini Goal Six: lose the last 10 lbs to get to goal weight = 165 (which is a 24.4 BMI of "normal") - not setting a goal date yet due to my thyroidectomy in December.
My goal dates assume a 2-3 lb loss each week. As mentioned before I know I won't keep up the 3 lbs loss every week. At some point it will slow down. And it might slow down to less than 2 lbs a week. So consider the goal dates as "penciled in". I'll adjust as needed.

Also, I'm really mulling over my C210K plans. I just finished W6D3 today (Monday - a 22 min run) and it was miserable. So I don't know if I want to keep doing the plan or to switch back to intervals for longer distances until I build up more endurance. Right now I'm only getting about 2 miles in on my C210K days.

So here's one thought...
  • Run 4 minutes, walk 1 minute for increasing distances rather than time - such as building in an extra half mile each week. Do this twice a week.
  • On the 3rd day of the week no intervals - just a straight slow run. Such as a 12 m/m pace (no walking) for same miles as the intervals.
Because I love spreadsheets I'm going to plot this out and see what it looks like. I might go ahead and finish the 5k portion of my C210K program before finalizing this decision. We'll see how I feel after 2 more weeks. Week 7 is 3 days of 25 min runs and Week 8 is 2 days of 28 min runs and 1 day of a 30 min run (which is supposed to be your 5k). I don't run again until Thursday this week so we'll see how the first day of W7 feels.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 7 Results and Week 8 Schedule

  • Monday - Spin
  • Tuesday - C210K W5D3 and weights (Arms and Legs)
  • Wednesday - Zumba
  • Thursday - 3.5 mile walk/rest day
  • Friday - C210K W6D1
  • Saturday - C210K W6D2 and weights (and some easy swim - not tracked)
  • Sunday - Sculpting Video, Elliptical, and Swim
Estimated Calories Burned: 3969

I switched my rest day from Sunday to Thursday because I just did not feel like running on Thursday morning. I felt tired and completely unmotivated. I could get myself out for a walk but not for a run. And the walk ended up being great. Plus I still burned a ton of calories since it was a long walk. Sometimes you just need to adjust when your body or brain doesn't cooperate. But then again on Friday I forced myself out of bed and trudged through - so other times you have to make your body/brain cooperate. Fitness is tricky. 

Diet - avg daily carbs = 139
This was a "off" week. I wanted to eat more than I have in previous weeks. Some of it was real hunger and therefore ok but some was just munchie/cravings type of hunger. It's probably hormone related since I've also felt more irritated and angry at people this week as well. :) I'm not beating myself up about losing "will power" or any of that crap. It was just a harder week.

Also, even though I had a couple "bad" days it was still a good week overall. I did tighten up towards the end. It's not that I want to ban sugar and chips for the rest of my life but for now even a little taste makes it harder for me to say no to the desire to keep eating. I want to get to the point where I can have small portions of the "bad" things I love and have that be okay. But for now my mental mode is to still eat way more than I need.

Due to my appointment with the surgeon on Thursday I had to buy my lunch rather than take my normal salad. I found this salad/soup combo at Panera and really enjoyed it. It was all great except for the sodium. I even added the side of bread later on as my second snack. And while it upped my carbs it still fit into my overall daily goals.

Click on it to see it better.
  • 3.4 lbs. lost
  • 24.4 total -  I have now lost more than 10% of my starting weight. 
  • 12.4 of 15 towards mini-goal #2

Schedule for Week 8
  • Monday: C210K W6D3
  • Tuesday: Abs and Tone plus Elliptical
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C210K W7D1 and Weights
  • Friday: Spin
  • Saturday: C210K W7D1 and Swim
  • Sunday: Walk/Rest*
*I reserve the right to change my rest day as needed. Also, I need to find a 3rd day for weights. I originally planned to do weights on Monday but since I did some on Saturday and Sunday I need a break.

I'm now done with intervals on my C210K training and I'm a bit sad. I've been able to complete each segment but it still "feels" too difficult. I'll keep plugging along though. I'm starting to see some muscle definition again but there's still a lot of fat to get through. But it helps to see results.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pinterest Finds

Everything is going well but I don't have much to write about so I thought I'd share some exercise routines I pinned on Pinterest this week. Not that I actually did any of these exercises...

Oh, I do have to give myself a pat on the back. Hubby and I had a date night last night and we went to the Hibachi grill that we really enjoy. I asked for tofu, extra veggies, and no rice. So while the fat and sodium content were high because of the sauces (and all the butter they use while grilling) I was able to make some healthier choices.

Now onto the pins!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wakey Wakey! Egg whites and turkey bac-ie.

I need to wake up early tomorrow (Friday) to run. The weather will be great - I just need to get my rear out of the bed.

So I'm putting this Jillian Michael's quote out there as some self-motivation:

Friday Morning Update:
Yay for me I got out of bed and got out there. Unfortunately, while it was only 70 degrees there was 100% humidity.  This is what it looked like:

This was at the end of my run - it was actually thicker/darker when I started.
It was SO hard to run. I got through C210K W6D1 but it definitely was the hardest and least enjoyable run so far. But I got through it by saying, "it doesn't matter if it's hard - you only have to finish it not enjoy it." 

My plan is to do my toning video that I have at home (I did this one a lot last spring when I didn't have access to a gym). Getting additional motivation to do something once I'm home is difficult so I'll have to look at my J.M. quote a few times today I'm sure. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Trouble with Thyroids

I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism in April or May of 2009. I mentioned my struggles with the meds on a few posts back then but as a recap here's how it went...

In early 2009 I was on fire. I had finally lost the baby weight from baby #2 and I had just started to build up mileage with my running. I worked with a personal trainer at our rec center and really had a well balanced workout routine between cardio and strength training. When I went to my annual physical the doctor noticed a slightly enlarged thyroid when he examined my neck. The blood tests also showed that my TSH level was too high and my T4 numbers were too low (I believe he also ran T3 numbers which not all doctors do).

I previously had a couple of weird thyroid level numbers but nothing that other doctors felt the need to examine further. I really think baby #2 was what swung things really into action as I felt like I went hyper-thyroid for a while before dropping down low. Thinking back att the time of my examination in April/May of 2009 I had some symptoms of being hypo but nothing that I was too worried about or really noticed - I thought the tiredness was just a normal part of having two kids under the age of 4 and working full time. I didn't even think about anything being related to my thyroid.

So after my exam my Doctor put me on synthyroid and it ruined my life. Not kidding.  I don't know if he gave me too high of a dose or what but it was like trying to keep running in molasses. My digestive system got all screwed up and I remember having such low levels of energy that I got exhausted just walking around my house. My exercise took a nose dive.

After a couple months of this I demanded to be taken off of meds and to re-examine my levels at a later date.

I forget how long I was off meds but my levels continued to get worse so he put me back on meds but on Armour Thyroid instead. I did much better with that med (when I remembered to take it) and we plodded along. I would have bad thyroid days - as I like to call them now - when my energy was lower than a slug's but sometimes I would swing a little hyper too. I also had him do the Hashimoto's test at some point in that first year or so and I did have the antibodies that indicated that my hypothyroidism was related to that.

During this time I struggled much more with my weight as well. I'm not one to blame all my weight gain on a bad thyroid because I've had plenty of bad diet decisions and lack of exercise. But I do find that I have to work harder to lose weight because of my metabolism being affected by my thyroid issues.

Fast forward to fall 2012. I had my annual physical again and my doctor noticed some nodules and sent me to have an ultrasound on my neck. I didn't expect anything to come of this as I usually have these diagnostic tests and they find nothing. Well, this time I was wrong - I had a huge nodule on my right side. Now not only did I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism; I also had a multi-nodular goiter. So my PCP sent me on to a endocrinologist. That guy's office turned out to be the worst and it was going to take forever to get an appointment for a biopsy so I ended up getting a different referral to a surgeon. She was wonderful and I got to experience a fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy at the tender age of 34.

Normal thyroid versus multi-nodular goiter
Just the word biopsy is scary enough. And having a long-ass needle stuck in your neck several times is not as fun as it sounds. Turns out the results were inconclusive. That's an exciting way to spend your holidays (as this happened right before Christmas that year) - I didn't know if I had thyroid cancer or not.

So, yay me, I was lucky enough to get a second biopsy (more fun needles stuck in my neck). This time they sent the results to get a DNA reading (which I almost had to pay $4000 for but thankfully my insurance finally got up to speed). Those results were that the nodule was benign - phew! But I had to keep an eye on it by getting a new ultrasound every 6 months.

I've done the 6 month checkups since then and with each ultrasound the nodules multiply and grow (my largest one, the one they biopsied, went from 2.8 cm to 3.3 cm). It's to the point now where I can feel them in my neck and the width of my neck is noticeably larger. I occasionally will even have trouble with swallowing. At this last Dr. appointment I asked him how much longer we were going to do nothing about it (or perhaps I phrased it less tacky) and he said for me to visit with the surgeon again and to see what she said.

I just had my appointment with her again today and after doing another ultrasound she said, "yep it's time for a total thyroidectomy." She said having the nodules grow and multiply increased my odds that one day I might get thyroid cancer (which to phrase it simply, it really isn't a bad cancer to have if you have the more common form of it - they take the thyroid out and give you a radiation type iodine pill and you just make sure it hasn't gone to your lymph nodes).

Long term results of a thyroidectomy are that I don't have to worry about thyroid cancer but I will have to continue to take thyroid meds for the rest of my life. Since I was already on the "thyroid meds for life" path this isn't that much of a change. The surgery itself will require a two week recovery so as I said in an earlier post it will put me on the sidelines for a bit. Since we aren't in any kind of emergency situation I've planned for it to be in December - due to my work schedule and the ease of taking time off. Also, this works with my current weight loss goals because I should be pretty close to goal by that time.

While I'm not thrilled with the idea of surgery I will be happy to have this particular chapter done with in my life. I was pissed when I first got the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I resented having to take a pill and having a "disease".  I've since become reconciled to all of that because what can you do? But I'm ready to have the stupid thing out if it's just going to keep causing me issues.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Exercise Plans

C210K and diet update: did the 20 minute run last night (Tuesday). It was difficult at times but not overly hard. The hardest part was that they were having a dinner event for new student orientation and the smell of food (tacos I believe) was wafting up to the track and making it very hard not to think of my stomach. When I got home I indulged a bit, and then a bit more. It wasn't on the plan and way too many carbs (yummy pita chips) but I'm taking it in stride. I'm not going to even track it (actually I did end up tracking it - 1715 calories for the day with 226g carbs). It might mean a smaller loss this week but that's fine. I was due for a small fall off the wagon. Today I start again and will try to make up for the carb overload. 

I think we can agree that I've been doing pretty well with exercising thus far. As with planning ahead for my diet, I also have to look ahead and figure out when I'm going to fit in my trips to the gym. I spent some time earlier this week planning out my workout schedule for the next couple of weeks (I'm weird like that). This isn't to say that things can't change but now that I'm adding workout classes and goals I need to figure out how to fit everything in. I have to look at which days I can work out at lunch, which days I can go after work (which is preferred but harder on the family), and how to incorporate some classes so that I have variety and don't get bored.

Here are the basics of an ideal week:
  • C210K Runs - three times a week
  • Weights/Strength Training - three times a week, the Abs and Tone class is in my "strength training" category so it's not just the weight machines and free weights.
  • Spin - once a week
  • Swimming - once a week
  • Zumba - once a week (for now)
  • Light Day for Rest (walk) - once a week
The weights and swim are combined with other workouts. Not noted are elliptical days but those get squeezed in as cardio on the days when I'm not doing C210K, Zumba, or Spin (or if I can't get to Spin).

I added up my typical calorie burns on these activities (based on previous days) and the thing I noticed though was that my calorie burn would still stay in the 3000 zone with this plan. Until my runs get longer it will be hard to get above that range. So I'm not going to worry about getting much higher than that for now. After all, I'm losing the weight I need to at a pace I'm happy with. 

The spin and swim will help me with pre-training for the triathlons I want to do next year. I'll increase those and add real bike rides after the new year.

However, once classes start at the university again in late August my work schedule gets busier and I'll have to reevaluate my schedule. Getting to the gym at lunch will be harder and there are more days where going after work is hard as well. I won't be able to count on classes because there will be more things that pop up and prevent me from getting there on time. So at that point I'll have to plot out a Plan A and Plan B schedule (which makes my nerdy spreadsheet heart glad) but for now, thankfully, things are less complicated.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ah, there you are - I thought you magically went away.

Just a little slice of humble pie.

After bragging that I wasn't have any cravings my body decided to prove me wrong. I could really go for something bad right now. The knowledge of a huge basket of Ghirardelli chocolates down the hall isn't helping. Except that I remember that I allowed myself to have one yesterday (because one isn't bad except that it led to two) and I think that's what started this whole round of "I need more!!!"

I think I'll be ok but that doesn't stop my brain chemicals from demanding more sugar. So until things are better...

Return to Spin

When I woke up Monday morning I could feel all of my muscles.

I overworked my left hamstring on the weight machines last Friday and it started to cause me some grief on Sunday after the swim. The rest of me was just whining.

So I didn't know if I would end up doing spin at lunch as I planned. Still, I brought all my clothes and the $1 needed for the class. And by the time lunch time rolled around I didn't feel so stiff anymore so I went ahead and bit the bullet.

It's been a couple of years since I've done a spin class. They now have a new dedicated spin room in our rec center with updated bikes - which is really good because most of the old bikes only had two settings: Flat Road and Mt. Everest.

I figured out how to set up the new bike for my height (I always have to raise a seat) but realized too late that the one I picked out didn't have a cup holder - won't make that mistake again. It also took about 20 minutes before I figured out the resistance settings I needed to use. There was a moment about 12-15 minutes in where I thought I might pass out. The rest of the class wasn't so bad and I really enjoyed it. The people in there were great and I liked the instructor. So spin is definitely on my rotation for my weekly workouts.

Heloise, however, would like to remind me to bring my bike shorts the next time I want to do spin. A little padding would have helped a great deal.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 6 Results and Week 7 Schedule

  • Monday: C2-10K (W4D3)
  • Tuesday: Abs and Tone (30 min) plus Elliptical (15 min)
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: Rest'ish: Elliptical (20 min) - ended up doing this before the blood donation instead of a walk afterwards
  • Friday: C2-10K (W5D1) and Abs/Legs weights
  • Saturday: Elliptical (45 min)
  • Sunday: Slow swim laps, C2-10K (W5D2), and a little bit of ab work and weights
Estimated Calories Burned: 3500. I wanted to start bumping this number up but this wasn't the week to do it since I dealt with vertigo and time constraints. Instead, I'm happy to have put the time and effort in that I was able to.

I finally got some new swim goggles and a new swim cap. Our neighborhood pool was empty Sunday morning when I took the kids. So I tested out the new goggles and did some very slow laps. I did a rough estimate of the pool length at its widest point (about 20 meters) and I probably got about 400 meters total; but it was slow and with plenty of breaks at the end of each lap.  The two sprint tri's that I'm looking at in spring are 300 and 200 meter pool swims. I'll need to build up endurance so that I can do them more quickly but thankfully I haven't forgotten everything about swimming since 2011. I'll try to incorporate some swim workouts once or twice a week for now. I watched some YouTube videos to remember proper form again but that was after the swim so I'll test it out on the next try.

Everything was on track this week. The carbs stayed lower (128g/day average) but also I kept an eye on my fat/protein as well. I had a few extra carbs on Thursday as that was blood donation day and they made me eat something since I got a little light headed afterwards. I choose raisins which seemed to be the least evil of the choices being offered (though I have often enjoyed the cookies afterward). Since those were "fruit" carbs and it was medically necessary I'm not going to give it a second thought.  I never felt overly hungry or craved anything bad. So in spite  of the frustrations with the scale readings early on this week I did the right thing this week and can feel good about it.

Weight: 4.4 lbs lost, 21 total, 9 out of 15 lbs lost for mini-goal #2. The weight milestone I talked about in the last post was 20 lbs. As of Sunday night I was .2 lbs away from it - imagine my surprise this morning when I blew that out of the water. The huge loss this week is also catching up from last week but I'm super pleased.

Schedule for Week 7
  • Monday: Going to try out a spin class again
  • Tuesday: C2-10K (W5D3) and Weights
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C2-10K (W6D1)
  • Friday: Elliptical and Weights
  • Saturday: C2-10K (W6D2) and swimming
  • Sunday: Walk/Rest Day
Keep doing what I'm doing. I'm not hungry or dealing with cravings right now and my overall percentages are fine. Really, I probably won't reevaluate my diet until I get under 200 lbs - which is "cough cough" pounds away. It getting closer though and I'll tell you eventually...

If Richard says it, I can believe it!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

C210K Update

So I'm now well into week 5 (of 14) of my C210K app. I've mentioned this before but I use the free ZenLabs C210K app found on the App Store. It's the same app I used last year to get back into running but I started with their C25K one. The first 8 weeks are exactly the same on both programs. I'm using the C210K one now because I know I'll be moving past the 5k and there's no reason to download both apps again.

Week 5 is the one that blows your mind a little. You've been jogging along enjoying short intervals when suddenly it bumps you up to 8 minute intervals and you immediately think, "but I can barely get through those 5 minute intervals!!!" until you look at W5D3 and curse a little when you see the 20 minute interval.

What I discovered last year was that the 20 minute interval was not nearly as bad as what I was anticipating. One, I kept my pace slower and two, you're not as focused on the clock as much, so the minutes end up going quicker than you realize.

You go on to week 6 thinking, yay intervals again!! But the intervals are suddenly harder because you're counting down the seconds once again.

So even though I KNOW this from experience my brain is still like, "Ack! 20 minutes!!" Stupid brain. I won't get to W5D3 until Tuesday but it's definitely been on my mind this past week.

W5D1 went pretty well. This one has three 5 minute intervals. The first 5 minutes were fantastic, I could have kept going longer. The second and third got progressively harder but my pace was quicker than what I'll do for the 20 minute interval. Counting the 5 minute walking warm up and the two other 3 minute walking intervals between the 5 min runs my pace was right at a 13 m/m. So the running portions were definitely quicker than I really need them to be at this point.

W5D2 surprised me a bit because I thought it was runs of 5, 8, and 5 but it's actually two intervals of 8 with 5 mins walk in-between. As I was getting through the first segment and got to about 5 min I looked down and saw more than 2.5 min left and was quite confused. Once I slowed down to a walk I looked at the description and it made more sense. The second segment was difficult but not horrible - it's all about keeping a slower pace until I build up more endurance. Sure there was a lady on the track walking almost as fast as I was running but you do what you can do.

It's hard to get a real idea of your running pace (off of a treadmill) until you get past week 6. By then you're running long enough that you can start to see your actual running pace without the walks. When I'm outside I use the MapMyRun app to get my pace but I can't use it on the indoor track because the GPS doesn't really work. I have used it on outdoor tracks and it works well though, the loops are amusing to see on the map. Last year I would sometimes start my GPS map after the 5 min warm-up so I could track it easier.

I've been running inside due to the really hot weather. I don't feel any need to prove myself by building up endurance to run outside in 90 degree (plus humidity) temps. Yes, running inside can be painfully boring but if I went outside it would just be painful period. September will roll around eventually and I can get outside more consistently again.

On Saturday I finally achieved this milestone:

This does include that "Really? You're calling this exercise?!?" day from my vacation but I'm keeping it. It's more about being active and I was active that day.

And I'm "ttttthhhhiiiiiiissssss" close to hitting another weight milestone - I hope to be able to announce it on my weekly results on Monday but we'll see, the scale is a tricksy little hobbit.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday morning entertainment

I can't remember if I've linked this before but it amuses me to watch it again. I love both Jillian and the Minions. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

All things Friday, even the things you didn't want to know

What if Elsa was really singing about her intestines?

Part One:
Finally! Some movement on the scale, and yes it was helped by a certain TMI subject. You realize how ridiculous watching the scale is when you get thrilled about a BM. Also, that you're getting old because you now rate them... But anyway...

Drum roll please..... 2.4 lbs down this morning. 19 lbs total. Yay! Enough to put a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Even if I get nothing else over the next couple of days I'll be quite happy.

Part Two:
I'm also happy because I'll finally be able to get a decent workout today. It seems like all of my workouts this week have been lighter efforts or crunched for time. Today and this weekend I'll be kicking it up a notch.

Part Three:
Yummy breakfast that has nothing to do with this post but I thought I'd share.
Nutrition details (including my normal cup of coffee with creamer).

Part Four:
Over the past 3 weeks or so I've been reading Michelle's blog: http://www.diaryofanaspiringloser.com (also on my blog roll to the right). She's been mentioned as a "Blogger to Read" in a couple different magazines and I was looking for something to help motivate me through these weeks. I went back to the start of her blog (2007) and have read through the majority of the entries - which makes me feel kind of stalker like but it is a really good blog. I identify a lot with some of her entries. I do spend some of it going - "Agghhh don't eat that!!" because I'm not a fan of WW for myself though it obviously worked for her (and many others) in the long run so I shouldn't be so judgy. It's not about finding the best diet or program - it's about finding what works best for you.

But most of all I'm inspired by how she gets out and hikes, camps, or does long bike rides. She lives in the San Francisco area so there's a lot of great places (and great weather) to enjoy but it has inspired me to look for some outdoor opportunities for myself. Then I also started to look at what races are out there that I might want to try... Not that I'm super into races anymore but it's nice to have something to work towards.

Part Five:
Here are a few things I'm thinking of...
  • Group Day Hike in mid-September (it's at least 7 miles, maybe more - whew!)
  • Group Canoe and Camping in late October
  • 4 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving
  • Zoo Run Run 5k in late January
  • Local sprint tri or 10k race in mid-April
  • Semi-local sprint tri in mid-May
In a future post (sometime later next week) I'll talk about a medical issue that may side-line me in Dec/Jan but I won't know for sure about that for a few more days. Having a spring event will be good to keep me motivated. I also really hope to be close to or at my goal weight by the end of December but I'm not convinced I'll be there as I know towards the end the weight will be coming off much slower. Even if I'm 75% there I'll be happy but I'll need the extra push to finish up and activities afterwards to help me maintain. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In this corner: a giant headache!

Made it to Zumba last night and managed to get through it with only a slight bit of dizziness. The plan for today was to wake up early and get to the gym for my C2-10K (W5D1) segment before work.

I needed to go this morning because I'll be working through lunch today and then donating blood this afternoon. Since you're not supposed to exercise hard after donating blood I had to switch up my plans. I got everything ready last night to make it easier for me to leave the house by 6 a.m.

So I woke up early, in fact an hour earlier than I had planned (4:30 a.m.). Only I woke up to a pounding horrific headache. I've been taking Sudafed to help with the vertigo stuff but I didn't take it last night because Sudafed makes me antsy and I don't sleep well while taking it. Bad move since my head was completely stuffed up which caused the headache. I got up and held my head as I stumbled to the bathroom to find the Ibuprofen and the Sudafed. It took about an hour but the worst of the headache went away. But there was no way I was heading out to the gym after that so I just slept for an additional hour.

Thus today is my rest day. I'm still going to walk tonight but only for as long as it takes to burn 200 calories. Why 200? I don't know, it just sounded good.

Here's how I'll change my schedule:

  • Thursday: walk/rest day
  • Friday: C2-10K and weights
  • Saturday: Elliptical and weights
  • Sunday: C2-10K and something... (we'll see what I'm in the mood for)
Scale weight went up a few ounces. #%&* My current theory is that I'm "backed up". I tried some prunes yesterday but they didn't do much. The weigh in didn't help my overall attitude after the headache debacle. It wasn't enough to make me feel like giving up but it certainly wasn't motivating either. As I drove the kids to their summer programs this song starting playing and at first I was like, "ugh I don't like this song" but as I listened to it I realized it was actually helping my attitude:

Then Bad Blood came on next and I was ready to face the day.

Non-scale related motivation for today: last night after Zumba I was sitting at a red light and realized there was a KFC in front of me. Now KFC doesn't induce any cravings or desires in me (although I do love their biscuits) but at first I told myself, "No, don't think about fast food - stay on track!" But then I thought for another second and said, "Actually, think about it - what are your triggers?" So I thought about all the yummy things I would have normally craved and none of it sounded good to me. This was a win because it wasn't about denying myself things I craved and it helped to realize that I actually didn't want it.

Today I rest, tomorrow I fight again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Class Conundrum

Oy, the vertigo continues. It's annoying but it won't get me off track as I can still function semi-normally. I'll still go to Zumba tonight but will have to be careful on the turns and any moves where we bend down.

I've been contemplating group classes over the past couple of days. Yesterday I checked out Abs and Tone (30 min) and it was fun and didn't kill me. And I enjoy my weekly Zumba as well - it's nice to have some variety in the weekly schedule.

But... I don't get the calorie burn from group sessions like I do from my own cardio/weight combo days. A while back (like 2009/2010) I did a ton of group classes but would never lose weight. I did a lot of toning and was probably losing fat and definitely gained endurance - which is great but it never helped my weight loss goals. I finally figured out why when I asked the instructor. These 30 min sessions usually only burned 100-200 calories (at least for her - she wore a monitor to track it - of course these weren't high cardio classes like spin or Zumba). I might have burned more (being a bigger person) but it wasn't enough to balance out any calories I was taking in at the time. It pissed me off because some of the classes were REALLY hard. So I started tacking on some cardio with my classes - either a run or the elliptical, and finally I started to lose weight again. The problem is that many of these classes are on the lunch hour and it's difficult to get more than 10-15 min of cardio in addition to the class without running over my "hour". Also, since I sweat so much I feel gross for the rest of the afternoon unless I can grab a shower - and usually there isn't time for that so it's just a quick clean up and I feel gross.

So for now I'm keeping Zumba in the mix (until mid-September when I can't go anymore due to conflicts with my hubby's teaching schedule) and will try to do the Abs and Tone one every once in a while. Once the fall semester starts up again there will be additional classes offered at our rec center so I'll check them out but for now my focus is on higher cardio burns first and then toning second. I, for sure, have to incorporate the toning but I'll get it more from the weight machines than classes.

Last for today - I'm about ready to shoot my scale. Everything has been completely on track this week and it's only floated back down to my Friday weight - no additional loss over the past couple of days. I'm going to be super mad if I only lose 1 pound in two weeks. Logically I know all of the reasons why it isn't moving, and not to be freaked out over it, AND that maybe I shouldn't weigh myself every day. But emotions don't like logic.

This scale makes no sense to me but I like the two ends.
Thankfully these moments haven't affected my ability to stay on track (at least as of now) so I keep plugging ahead and do what I need to be doing. I find ways to get affirmation outside of the scale - like wearing a pair of pants that had become hideously tight on me and now feel very comfortable again (at least until I had to walk outside and the humidity makes the silk liner stick to my skin like fly paper - ugh).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stop the room, I'd like to get off

Seems like every summer, usually in July, I get vertigo symptoms. They typically last a week or two. They hit me like a truck Monday morning. I had to get up and get going as it would look funny to extend my vacation with a sick day and my husband had an early morning Dr. appointment so I needed to get the kids to their summer programs. But there was one point where I had slid down the doorjamb between my bathroom and my room and was sitting on the floor staring straight ahead to (stop the spinning) and the kids came in and both said, "are you sure you should be driving?" I agreed with them that it probably wasn't the best idea in the world.

But a Claritin and Sudafed later and I felt much better - not 100% but not spinny anymore. All morning I wondered if I would feel up to exercising. I wasn't going to push myself if things were still spinning but since that improved I went over to the gym at lunch and got my C210K run in (W4D3) as planned. I was a little sad to end week 4 as this is the last week of shorter run segments. I keep telling myself that I'll be fine with week 5 and beyond (after all I had the same worries last year and it turned out fine) but the worrywart in my brain is asking me if I want to repeat week 4. :)

While the run went ok I was pretty much spent for the rest of the day. My head hurt, my forehead felt warm even though the rest of me was cold, and I was super tired. I have prescription medicine for the vertigo but it knocks me out so it's not something I can take if working or driving.

I was looking back at older entries to see if I had documented other summer/July vertigo moments and found this post: Thigh Envy - it has nothing to do with vertigo but it's kind of funny because I talk about how I couldn't wear spandex shorts by themselves. Now I routinely wear spandex bike/compression shorts (with no other shorts over them) and I'm not as self conscious about my fat thighs (which are bigger now than they were in 2011). I still think that overall I look better in capris but it's too hot to care that much.

Anyway, here's hoping this vertigo thing doesn't last too long - I don't need another thing to get me off track again. I'll skip the abs and tone class on Tuesday if I still have symptoms because I imagine there will be too much movement in that class that will trip a dizzy spell.

**I woke up this morning feel much better - no spinouts. So I went ahead and checked out the Abs and Tone class (more on that in a different post) and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I went down on the mat the room went around again. I was able to finish the class but I had a couple more spells before it was over. Stupid inner ears.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 5 Results and Week 6 Schedule


  • Monday: a wee bit of sand walking and ocean swimming. I maybe burned 100 calories. Maybe. We'll use this as my rest day this week.
  • Tuesday: C2-10K, W3D3 plus some arm exercises with 5 lb free weights
  • Wednesday: 30 min on the elliptical and some ab exercises
  • Thursday: C2-10K, W4D1
  • Friday: C2-10K, W4D2 plus 30-40 min in the weights room at the gym (abs, arms, and legs)
  • Saturday: Elliptical (40 min) and weight room (focused on areas I didn't get Friday)
  • Sunday: Different elliptical (35 min) and one mile worth of speed work on treadmill

Estimated calorie burn was 3296. My mileage was really low since I didn't get in all the walks I wanted - probably about 8-9 miles total for the week. The elliptical is better for burning calories quicker but it will affect my mileage numbers.

Too many chips and a few drinks but overall it really wasn't the end of the world. I didn't go over 1500 calories even on the bad days (if my tracking was accurate). It's just that it seems that my metabolism requires more of a net calorie loss for me to see change. But I can say that I'm really not enjoying the occasional diet sodas anymore - I tried another one while we were driving down to the beach and it immediately started a headache. I've also gotten used to a lot more water intake (the headache turned into a massive headache Monday night which I attribute to dehydration). My stomach is also happier with smaller portion sizes now. I still have relationship issues with tortilla chips however.

Gorgeous views make it easier to justify a glass of wine.
Weight: 1.2 lbs* lost, 16.6 lbs total
This reflects my weight as of Saturday morning. It floated back up one pound as of this morning but seeing how I made great diet & exercise choices yesterday I think it's just bloating. I expect it to drop again within a couple of days.
So even though my calorie intake was ok the weight loss is lower. Back to stricter choices for a little while. As mentioned before, I'm now 5 lbs out of 15 towards my second mini-goal. I would love to hit this goal by my second month "anniversary" of this current attempt (August 8th). This second mini-goal will bring me right to where I left off last summer.

Week 6 Schedule:
Monday: C2-10k, W4D3
Tuesday: Elliptical and abs/tone class
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: C2-10k, W5D1
Friday: Elliptical and weights
Saturday: C2-10k, W5D2
Sunday: Walk/Rest Day

Diet wise - I got used to a little extra sugar and carbs during vacation week so I'll be working on eliminating those cravings again. I'm happy to be back on a regular schedule again - though that does mean going back to work. But summers are pretty mellow for me so it's not too bad of a gig.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Last call and future plans

Okay - back to abstaining from alcohol again.  You don't have to go home wine but you can't stay here.

I've gotten through vacation and anniversary celebrations and now I'm done. Last night's anniversary dinner did have a screwdriver type of drink which was fine in my overall calorie consumption allowances but it's better to eat my calories than to drink them.

I also had horrible stomach cramps last night after dinner. I don't know if the drink was to blame but it certainly didn't help either.

In general I love drinking but I really don't do a lot of it. My husband and I may go through one bottle of wine per week (which means 2 glasses of wine per week and that's not every week). So it's not like I'm giving up a lot but I do enjoy it a lot when we do have it.

I still think I will lose one pound this week and I don't think it will be anymore than that. It's really annoying because calculation/numbers wise I should lose at least 2 pounds. The easiest explanation is that I underestimated calories and overestimated calories burned - not hard to do since I was eating food that I didn't cook/prepare for some of my meals. It could also be water retention from extra sodium and alcohol. Or it could just be a temporary stall because my routine was disrupted.

Whatever it is, it's all a bit frustrating but it is STILL a loss. I am still working towards my goal. I will get there eventually. On the bright side, I have lost some inches in various areas of my body so that has helped my attitude during this week of frustrating scale reflections. And I'm 1/3 towards my second mini-goal (have lost 5 lbs of 15). So there are a lot of things to celebrate.

As for today, I'll get my exercise done later this afternoon. It will be at the gym but I don't know if it will be the next installment of C2-10K (W5D1)* or just a walk or elliptical. I don't have to do the C2-10K as I've already done three days for this past week. I thought about adding the 4th day to jump ahead a bit and push myself but my muscles are still recovering from yesterday's weights. So now I'm thinking - "eh, no need to kill myself with a 4th day." My only goal for today is to burn about 450 calories so I get a little above 3000 calories burned for the week. How I burn it doesn't matter as much to me. I'll make the final decision once I get to the gym.

*Correction - I would be doing W4D3 today not starting W5. But I have done 3 days of C2-10K already this week: Tues/Thurs/Fri.

As for longer term exercise goals I really want to build up to a triathlon again. That was the most fun I've had with exercise plans (the group training helped a lot too). There's a local sprint distance tri in April that I want to do. That gives me more than enough time to build up to it. My thoughts are to add in 1 or 2 days of lap swimming once August rolls around and then to start biking in late September or October (to beat most of the heat). Also, I need to buy a road bike as I will never do another tri on a mountain bike (ugh). There's a bike auction in September that I'll check out but otherwise I just need to see where I can find a cheaper road bike that fits (we have one but it's too big/tall for me). Once I get up to being able to run a 5k again (without walking) I'll stick with 5-10K distances for my runs. I have absolutely no desire to do a half marathon again. I might be talked into a 15K or 10 miler but that's the max and only if my speeds get closer to 10 m/m again. Anything above that has always crashed my training plans and I no longer feel the need to prove that I can do it.

Keep in mind that it's hilarious that I'm even talking about anything above a 5k right now though as I'm currently dreading the 8 min segments and the 20 min segment runs on week 5 of the C210K plan. Building up has been harder this time around (or at least it feels harder mentally). My weight now is almost the same as it was when I had built up to the 5k last May (2014) so it's not just being heavier - though that doesn't help. I do think that I had built up my quads and glutes more last year though because of all the hills I dealt with on my running routes. Also, the heat zaps me here so that's probably the biggest reason why it's harder. It is, however, easier to deal with the heat this year than it was last year right after we moved back. The weather change completely derailed me.

I guess that I'm looking ahead because I need something to help me focus beyond the scale. While the slow down from this week may be just a temporary blip it will probably happen again (and again) so if I'm looking for lifestyle changes I need more than just calorie restrictions and cardio only for the sake of calorie burning.

Ended up using the elliptical and a wee bit of speed work on the treadmill. About a 700 calorie burn.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Thin things

Besides shopping at a few stores in the mall there really aren't "thin-things". :)

I stayed on track on Friday and so far today things have gone well but I am going out tonight with the hubby for our actual anniversary dinner. As I've only eaten about 900 calories so far today and burnt 675 I have plenty of wiggle room but I still want to make good choices.

We had a nice dinner at home last night. I got some shrimp that we grilled according to this recipe: Grilled Shrimp with Ginger Lemon Dipping Sauce. We made up a salad, some brussel sprouts (more on that later), and there was also wild rice and bread but I only had one thin slice of bread. Then I had a couple of oatmeal cookies for dessert because I still had enough calories left to enjoy them without guilt.

So brussel sprouts - I've never had them before (at least that I can remember).  I've seen various recipes for them and thought they looked good but I guess I had always heard that they were "nasty" and so never had them. We roasted them in olive oil with salt and pepper. They weren't bad but they weren't great either. I think the smell still threw me off a bit. Also, they kind of made me "burpy" and I tasted brussel sprouts for a while afterwards. A Tums was in order. So I'm not saying I won't make them again but they probably won't be on a regular rotation.

I used the gym yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow for my last C210K run this week since it's still hot and gross humid outside). Today was the elliptical and weights. I felt really good with the weights. It's good to know that I'm building up muscle again. But I was pretty shaky when I was done with my workout. I had felt super full after breakfast (but it wasn't high in calories) and didn't get my normal mid-morning snack because I had still felt full. So by the time I was done with my workout the blood sugar and what not was really low. I had a Special K protein shake as soon as we got home and then had lunch and a nap a bit later and feel better now.

I write all of this because it's interesting to feel more in tuned with my body about what it needs and how it feels either when it needs more fuel or I've eaten too much of the "bad" fuel. There was a couple of times on vacation when I indulged and I felt, "eh - that wasn't worth the calories". This isn't to say that I've figured everything out and now will be perfect but I think it's good to reflect on these things as they occur to me.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Post vacation ramblings

Well, I'm still kind of on vacation as I still had today off from work and my parents are still in town visiting. But we got back from the beach yesterday and overall I think I did well - not perfect of course but that's not my goal anyway.

Wednesday I ate very well all day - until the end. But even then I didn't do horribly, I just indulged a bit more than I had planned. The hubby and I went out to celebrate our 11th anniversary and I had more than a few chips and 1/2 a margarita and a glass of wine. I didn't need the chips or alcohol but I really didn't feel that bad about it either because in the grand scheme of things it was fine to celebrate the moment rather than obsess about every calorie going into my mouth.

I got in all the exercising that I had planned to do on Tuesday-Thursday and I feel good about that. Thursday I had been doing really well with eating too - until the end. We all went out for Mexican. So it was more chips and another margarita. But that one I felt bad about. Mostly because the chips were automatic binge type munching. Shove one in and have the next one ready to go with very little pausing in between.

I also felt bad because I had managed to stay at exactly the same weight all week up to that point. Remember I didn't have a scale with me while on vacation so I did check in when we got home. I wasn't expecting a big loss but I thought I had done well enough to lose something. Even this morning it was still at that same weight - which I guess post chips and margarita was actually a good thing.

But it did motivate me today and I've been totally on track with both exercise and diet. I've avoided further chips and movie popcorn. Post exercise this morning I was down a pound but really that's not the most accurate time to weigh so I have to wait and see what it evens out to be at the end of the week. I really only expect one pound total for this week but we'll see.

I'm trying to keep things in perspective and realize that not gaining anything during a vacation week is the accomplishment to be proud of. I guess the only reason it bums me out is because I want to see scale validation for the choices I made in avoiding the breakfast buffet bar and staying on track with exercise. Instead I should feel good about those things even if they don't show an immediate scale reflection.

Losing weight is a tricky mental business. I just need to remember to step back and keep everything in perspective. I can do it but I have to keep reminding myself.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wish you were here. ..

Greetings from vacation.

So far, not so bad. Monday was the only "somewhat bad" day. I only got the tiniest bit of exercise and ate a little bit (just a few bites really) of fried food and had the bucket drink which was a huge disappointment - more juice than voodoo. But leading up to that I had eaten well and I've eaten well since plus got a C210K run done yesterday and the elliptical today. They do have a scale in the fitness room but it doesn't work so I'm flying blind.

But while it looks gorgeous on that beach it is sweltering hot. So I haven't done much beach walking/running. Good thing there's a fitness center here.

More posts when I'm back home again.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 4 Results and Week 5 Schedule

Almost a month into this now (Wednesday, the 8th is one month).

I think the first month has gone amazingly well. I've lost a good amount of weight and my exercise is on track. My cravings and indulgences are being handled. In fact, it's going so well that I'm a bit scared in all honesty. It's not normal for me to not want to binge on things or have bad diet days. So it's like walking on thin ice wondering when it's going to break. But so far, so good so I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

Chipping away at the bottom circle!
I did everything I said I was going to do except the 3rd day of strength training (my muscles were tired and I didn't push it).
  • Monday: Elliptical and weights
  • Tuesday: C2-10K, W2D3 (2 miles)
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C2-10K, W3D1 (3 miles) and weights
  • Friday: 6 mile walk (17 m/m avg)
  • Saturday: C2-10K, W3D2 (3 miles)
  • Sunday: 4 mile walk
If my "calories burned" estimates are accurate I burned 4025 calories this week. I'm going to try and get closer to 5000 calories as I continue on and build up mileage. This week I had 18 miles between walking and C2-10K. My plan is also to up mileage slowly, eventually getting to 30 miles a week. On Thursday I did the regular C2-10K intervals which lasted for 2 miles but then finished the last mile by running one minute and then walking one minute. I felt ready to push myself a little on the running. I did that run on the treadmill so that I could control the speed and make sure I wasn't going to fast on the run portions. The majority of the run portions weren't any faster than 5.0 (or 12 min/miles). I tried to do a little extra running on Saturday too but after one extra 90 sec segment my legs and lungs told me no more so I just walked the rest of the last mile. It was super humid out and difficult to breathe at some points. 

Carbs increased a little. Calories stayed where I wanted them to be. I did a lot of planning and adjusting. I experimented with zucchini lasagne, and even survived a holiday. This next week is the real challenge. I don't expect it to be as "perfect" but I don't plan to go out of control either. In any case, each day starts new again so if I do screw up I know that I will just do better the next day.

Weight: 3.2 lbs, 15.4 total
I'm loving the weight loss pace right now but don't expect it to be like this forever. I know I'll reach a point where I'm lucky to get 1-2 lbs per week. 

Week 5 Schedule - Vacation Week (ack!)
I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here about vacation meal planning but I plan to bring some of my own food with me and then be moderate at any lunch or dinner where we eat out. We'll have the hotel breakfast so I'm just going to have to convince my brain that I don't need a buffet to be happy. I'll ask for egg whites but if they don't have that I'll stick with oatmeal or cereal plus any fruit and yogurt they have. I'll miss the Belgium Waffles but I will survive.

As for exercise, I want to walk along the beach quite a bit and I plan to get C2-10K week 3 done on Tuesday and start week 4 on Thursday and W4D2 sometime on Saturday or Sunday (back home). I can hit the gym again Friday-Sunday so I'll get my two days of strength training in towards the end of the week (Fri/Sun). My calories burned will probably be more in the low 3000 range but it is vacation after all.

Unless the hotel gym has a scale I won't be able to obsess over my daily weight either. This is probably a good thing. I don't want all my motivation to come from the number I see - I want it to be good feelings based on the fact that I have fed my body healthy fuel and have been active. While I can say this in a philosophical fashion I know I have a while before I'm mentally there.

Until next time...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Well I tried...

So today's plan was to just walk as a "rest day". I wanted to go about 4 miles but had to wait a while for the rain to let up this morning. When it finally did I said, "Hey, I have a great idea! Let's go out and have a family walk!" Stupid me.

It all stems from the other day when I was heading out to exercise and my cute 7 1/2 year old daughter was like, "Mommy let me come with you! I'll ride my scooter!!" But I wouldn't let her and then felt guilty because I want her to have good habits too.

Look an animal I'm faster than!
But the reason I didn't let her was because while she does love to ride her scooter it only lasts for about 1/2 a mile. Then she's done. That Friday I was planning on walking at least 4 (and it turned out to be 6) miles.

So today I figured, I'm just doing an easy walk. I can take everyone with me and we'll walk about 1.25 miles down to the playground, they can play while I finish up the second mile (and back) and then we'll walk back to the car together.

But she only made it to about 3/4 of a mile before she wanted to head home. :) We managed to get her to the playground but weren't looking forward to the walk back with a complaining child.

So my husband said, you just go back and get the car and drive it up here (to the playground) to pick us up. But I really wanted to finish my mileage so they had to wait a while for me. Everyone was a bit grumpy when I finally got back and we drove home.

So lesson learned, my exercise times are me times and I'll have to plan other family times that won't compete against my mileage or time I want to get done for that particular day. But here are the stats for the walk today - you can see where I left my family... :)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Eating Right on the 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!

More planning ahead to try and stay on track (I'm writing this on the 3rd). 

I want to have a nice BBQ lunch with family and friends and enjoy the holiday without getting off track. Since I can't make everyone follow my diet I will have to plan ahead to eat the right things and not pick at the other available things.

Here is what will be available for lunch:
  • Hamburgers (cheese optional, beef or turkey burgers available)
  • Red Potato Salad
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Pita Chips and Hummus
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Watermelon
  • Dessert: Fudgsicles or Apple Pie
  • Drinks: Cranberry Ginger Ale, Rootbeer, and Margaritas
I'm going to save the hummus to go along with some celery as "Snack 1" and the watermelon as "Snack 2". For lunch I plan to eat a turkey burger with salsa, a 1/4 c of potato salad, 1/2 a corn on the cob, and watermelon. I'll go ahead and eat a bun as I'm changing my views on low carb (see below). This ends up being ok with my tracking (also included my daily vitamin):

Sodium will end up being higher since I didn't put the salsa and plan on salting my corn - plus the seasoning in the turkey burger. But since I usually have beautiful blood pressure I don't put a lot of worry into my sodium levels.

I might have a margarita. I'm debating not just because of the calorie/sugar content but because my liver enzymes were a bit high from the blood work done at my check up (everything else though, including my cholesterol was great). Even though I really haven't been drinking in the last month (maybe 8 oz total of red wine in the past 5 weeks) my Dr. would like me to avoid alcohol and tylenol products and recheck in 4 weeks. I'm still bargaining with myself about the Voodoo Bucket while on vacation (shown earlier this week) but figure skipping the alcohol on the 4th isn't that much of a sacrifice.

In reality, my elevated liver enzymes are probably more a result of my recent dieting. While I am in the "obese" range which could lead to fatty liver (and thyroid issues can also affect your liver); I've never had liver issues before and I've had those issues for more than a couple of years now. I've been doing some searches on what can affect these tests and the low cal/low carb/fairly low fat combo is probably straining my liver - because it's working hard to convert these lower amounts into the materials my body needs. You learn something new everyday - so starting next week I'm going to go back to an average of 150g of carbs each day. I'd rather increase carbs a little than calories and fat. We'll see what the blood tests say again in 4 weeks.

I've scheduled this to post later on the 4th so here's my update of how I ended up doing:
All in all pretty well. I did eat a bit more than listed above but I can make up for any extra calories with a light dinner. I did drink the margarita and ended up having a shortcake along with some fruit instead of the watermelon. Also, I had a whole corn on the cob but I don't feel any guilt about what I ate as I still kept myself from munching on all the chips and such. My carbs were much higher than usual but again not so bad that I really overdid anything. Our 4th ended up being a very cool and a rainy day so not as much fun as in years past but I wasn't sad to stay home and not deal with the crazy firework show traffic. Now onto thoughts of vacation!