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Sunday, July 19, 2015

C210K Update

So I'm now well into week 5 (of 14) of my C210K app. I've mentioned this before but I use the free ZenLabs C210K app found on the App Store. It's the same app I used last year to get back into running but I started with their C25K one. The first 8 weeks are exactly the same on both programs. I'm using the C210K one now because I know I'll be moving past the 5k and there's no reason to download both apps again.

Week 5 is the one that blows your mind a little. You've been jogging along enjoying short intervals when suddenly it bumps you up to 8 minute intervals and you immediately think, "but I can barely get through those 5 minute intervals!!!" until you look at W5D3 and curse a little when you see the 20 minute interval.

What I discovered last year was that the 20 minute interval was not nearly as bad as what I was anticipating. One, I kept my pace slower and two, you're not as focused on the clock as much, so the minutes end up going quicker than you realize.

You go on to week 6 thinking, yay intervals again!! But the intervals are suddenly harder because you're counting down the seconds once again.

So even though I KNOW this from experience my brain is still like, "Ack! 20 minutes!!" Stupid brain. I won't get to W5D3 until Tuesday but it's definitely been on my mind this past week.

W5D1 went pretty well. This one has three 5 minute intervals. The first 5 minutes were fantastic, I could have kept going longer. The second and third got progressively harder but my pace was quicker than what I'll do for the 20 minute interval. Counting the 5 minute walking warm up and the two other 3 minute walking intervals between the 5 min runs my pace was right at a 13 m/m. So the running portions were definitely quicker than I really need them to be at this point.

W5D2 surprised me a bit because I thought it was runs of 5, 8, and 5 but it's actually two intervals of 8 with 5 mins walk in-between. As I was getting through the first segment and got to about 5 min I looked down and saw more than 2.5 min left and was quite confused. Once I slowed down to a walk I looked at the description and it made more sense. The second segment was difficult but not horrible - it's all about keeping a slower pace until I build up more endurance. Sure there was a lady on the track walking almost as fast as I was running but you do what you can do.

It's hard to get a real idea of your running pace (off of a treadmill) until you get past week 6. By then you're running long enough that you can start to see your actual running pace without the walks. When I'm outside I use the MapMyRun app to get my pace but I can't use it on the indoor track because the GPS doesn't really work. I have used it on outdoor tracks and it works well though, the loops are amusing to see on the map. Last year I would sometimes start my GPS map after the 5 min warm-up so I could track it easier.

I've been running inside due to the really hot weather. I don't feel any need to prove myself by building up endurance to run outside in 90 degree (plus humidity) temps. Yes, running inside can be painfully boring but if I went outside it would just be painful period. September will roll around eventually and I can get outside more consistently again.

On Saturday I finally achieved this milestone:

This does include that "Really? You're calling this exercise?!?" day from my vacation but I'm keeping it. It's more about being active and I was active that day.

And I'm "ttttthhhhiiiiiiissssss" close to hitting another weight milestone - I hope to be able to announce it on my weekly results on Monday but we'll see, the scale is a tricksy little hobbit.

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