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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Check up complete

As mentioned before, my first mini-goal was to be at a certain weight for my Dr's appointment today (so the numbers matched my health insurance assessment I did in March). I exceeded that goal today by 2 pounds - even with my clothes on (ha)! So on the insurance end my numbers look a little better. But seriously, on the more important side of things I am heavier than last year (by about 13 lbs), and significantly heavier than 5 years ago (about 40 lbs). So the work continues.

I adore my Doctor and we had a nice chat about my current efforts and I asked if I could have another appointment in a couple of months as an accountability weight check. And he was in total support of that so I now have another external motivating factor to keep my focus on my overall goals.

When I was in my 20's I hated going to the doctor because of having to weigh in. I also hated having the doctor mention anything about my weight or even suggest that any of my problems had to do with my weight. (Horrific heartburn? No, that can't be caused by being 60-80 lbs overweight!) I wanted to live in denial. And while weighing in still isn't my favorite thing I have a better attitude towards it now. And appreciate the reality checks that help me keep on track. I guess it also helps to have a good relationship with your Doctor and that you feel like he/she is a partner in your efforts rather than someone who makes you feel bad about it.

We also discussed getting rid of my useless, wonky, nodule ridden thyroid. I've been dealing with this crap for 5 years now and had two biopsies on the huge nodules already. I'll have a follow-up appointment with a surgeon sometime this month and we'll see what she says. She didn't want to remove it two years ago but the nodules keep growing so it's time to chat again.

Since I had to do blood work at this appointment I wasn't able to eat or drink anything (besides water) until after 11:30 when everything was done. Usually I rush off to McD's and stuff myself because "I'm starving!!!" Since I didn't want to fall into that trap today I planned out my meals accordingly. Immediately after the appointment I drank a Special K protein drink and then my lunch was the protein powerhouse of my Biggest Loser Pancakes instead of my normal salad which I knew wouldn't cut it since I didn't have breakfast.

A half batch equals 8 of these and it's only 310 calories, 5.8g fat, 37.7g carb, and 28g protein for all 8!!
So now I can have my normal afternoon snack and dinner and still feel good about the day. I almost got a coke zero to restock on caffeine but I got coffee instead since I had such a bad experience with the coke zero this past weekend. Have I turned a new leaf? It's too soon to tell but I pat myself on the back for that move.

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