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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Class Conundrum

Oy, the vertigo continues. It's annoying but it won't get me off track as I can still function semi-normally. I'll still go to Zumba tonight but will have to be careful on the turns and any moves where we bend down.

I've been contemplating group classes over the past couple of days. Yesterday I checked out Abs and Tone (30 min) and it was fun and didn't kill me. And I enjoy my weekly Zumba as well - it's nice to have some variety in the weekly schedule.

But... I don't get the calorie burn from group sessions like I do from my own cardio/weight combo days. A while back (like 2009/2010) I did a ton of group classes but would never lose weight. I did a lot of toning and was probably losing fat and definitely gained endurance - which is great but it never helped my weight loss goals. I finally figured out why when I asked the instructor. These 30 min sessions usually only burned 100-200 calories (at least for her - she wore a monitor to track it - of course these weren't high cardio classes like spin or Zumba). I might have burned more (being a bigger person) but it wasn't enough to balance out any calories I was taking in at the time. It pissed me off because some of the classes were REALLY hard. So I started tacking on some cardio with my classes - either a run or the elliptical, and finally I started to lose weight again. The problem is that many of these classes are on the lunch hour and it's difficult to get more than 10-15 min of cardio in addition to the class without running over my "hour". Also, since I sweat so much I feel gross for the rest of the afternoon unless I can grab a shower - and usually there isn't time for that so it's just a quick clean up and I feel gross.

So for now I'm keeping Zumba in the mix (until mid-September when I can't go anymore due to conflicts with my hubby's teaching schedule) and will try to do the Abs and Tone one every once in a while. Once the fall semester starts up again there will be additional classes offered at our rec center so I'll check them out but for now my focus is on higher cardio burns first and then toning second. I, for sure, have to incorporate the toning but I'll get it more from the weight machines than classes.

Last for today - I'm about ready to shoot my scale. Everything has been completely on track this week and it's only floated back down to my Friday weight - no additional loss over the past couple of days. I'm going to be super mad if I only lose 1 pound in two weeks. Logically I know all of the reasons why it isn't moving, and not to be freaked out over it, AND that maybe I shouldn't weigh myself every day. But emotions don't like logic.

This scale makes no sense to me but I like the two ends.
Thankfully these moments haven't affected my ability to stay on track (at least as of now) so I keep plugging ahead and do what I need to be doing. I find ways to get affirmation outside of the scale - like wearing a pair of pants that had become hideously tight on me and now feel very comfortable again (at least until I had to walk outside and the humidity makes the silk liner stick to my skin like fly paper - ugh).

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