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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Eating Right on the 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!

More planning ahead to try and stay on track (I'm writing this on the 3rd). 

I want to have a nice BBQ lunch with family and friends and enjoy the holiday without getting off track. Since I can't make everyone follow my diet I will have to plan ahead to eat the right things and not pick at the other available things.

Here is what will be available for lunch:
  • Hamburgers (cheese optional, beef or turkey burgers available)
  • Red Potato Salad
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Pita Chips and Hummus
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Watermelon
  • Dessert: Fudgsicles or Apple Pie
  • Drinks: Cranberry Ginger Ale, Rootbeer, and Margaritas
I'm going to save the hummus to go along with some celery as "Snack 1" and the watermelon as "Snack 2". For lunch I plan to eat a turkey burger with salsa, a 1/4 c of potato salad, 1/2 a corn on the cob, and watermelon. I'll go ahead and eat a bun as I'm changing my views on low carb (see below). This ends up being ok with my tracking (also included my daily vitamin):

Sodium will end up being higher since I didn't put the salsa and plan on salting my corn - plus the seasoning in the turkey burger. But since I usually have beautiful blood pressure I don't put a lot of worry into my sodium levels.

I might have a margarita. I'm debating not just because of the calorie/sugar content but because my liver enzymes were a bit high from the blood work done at my check up (everything else though, including my cholesterol was great). Even though I really haven't been drinking in the last month (maybe 8 oz total of red wine in the past 5 weeks) my Dr. would like me to avoid alcohol and tylenol products and recheck in 4 weeks. I'm still bargaining with myself about the Voodoo Bucket while on vacation (shown earlier this week) but figure skipping the alcohol on the 4th isn't that much of a sacrifice.

In reality, my elevated liver enzymes are probably more a result of my recent dieting. While I am in the "obese" range which could lead to fatty liver (and thyroid issues can also affect your liver); I've never had liver issues before and I've had those issues for more than a couple of years now. I've been doing some searches on what can affect these tests and the low cal/low carb/fairly low fat combo is probably straining my liver - because it's working hard to convert these lower amounts into the materials my body needs. You learn something new everyday - so starting next week I'm going to go back to an average of 150g of carbs each day. I'd rather increase carbs a little than calories and fat. We'll see what the blood tests say again in 4 weeks.

I've scheduled this to post later on the 4th so here's my update of how I ended up doing:
All in all pretty well. I did eat a bit more than listed above but I can make up for any extra calories with a light dinner. I did drink the margarita and ended up having a shortcake along with some fruit instead of the watermelon. Also, I had a whole corn on the cob but I don't feel any guilt about what I ate as I still kept myself from munching on all the chips and such. My carbs were much higher than usual but again not so bad that I really overdid anything. Our 4th ended up being a very cool and a rainy day so not as much fun as in years past but I wasn't sad to stay home and not deal with the crazy firework show traffic. Now onto thoughts of vacation!

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