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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Exercise Plans

C210K and diet update: did the 20 minute run last night (Tuesday). It was difficult at times but not overly hard. The hardest part was that they were having a dinner event for new student orientation and the smell of food (tacos I believe) was wafting up to the track and making it very hard not to think of my stomach. When I got home I indulged a bit, and then a bit more. It wasn't on the plan and way too many carbs (yummy pita chips) but I'm taking it in stride. I'm not going to even track it (actually I did end up tracking it - 1715 calories for the day with 226g carbs). It might mean a smaller loss this week but that's fine. I was due for a small fall off the wagon. Today I start again and will try to make up for the carb overload. 

I think we can agree that I've been doing pretty well with exercising thus far. As with planning ahead for my diet, I also have to look ahead and figure out when I'm going to fit in my trips to the gym. I spent some time earlier this week planning out my workout schedule for the next couple of weeks (I'm weird like that). This isn't to say that things can't change but now that I'm adding workout classes and goals I need to figure out how to fit everything in. I have to look at which days I can work out at lunch, which days I can go after work (which is preferred but harder on the family), and how to incorporate some classes so that I have variety and don't get bored.

Here are the basics of an ideal week:
  • C210K Runs - three times a week
  • Weights/Strength Training - three times a week, the Abs and Tone class is in my "strength training" category so it's not just the weight machines and free weights.
  • Spin - once a week
  • Swimming - once a week
  • Zumba - once a week (for now)
  • Light Day for Rest (walk) - once a week
The weights and swim are combined with other workouts. Not noted are elliptical days but those get squeezed in as cardio on the days when I'm not doing C210K, Zumba, or Spin (or if I can't get to Spin).

I added up my typical calorie burns on these activities (based on previous days) and the thing I noticed though was that my calorie burn would still stay in the 3000 zone with this plan. Until my runs get longer it will be hard to get above that range. So I'm not going to worry about getting much higher than that for now. After all, I'm losing the weight I need to at a pace I'm happy with. 

The spin and swim will help me with pre-training for the triathlons I want to do next year. I'll increase those and add real bike rides after the new year.

However, once classes start at the university again in late August my work schedule gets busier and I'll have to reevaluate my schedule. Getting to the gym at lunch will be harder and there are more days where going after work is hard as well. I won't be able to count on classes because there will be more things that pop up and prevent me from getting there on time. So at that point I'll have to plot out a Plan A and Plan B schedule (which makes my nerdy spreadsheet heart glad) but for now, thankfully, things are less complicated.

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