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Friday, July 3, 2015

Figuring things out

Just a lot more rambling thoughts that I've jotted down throughout the week... I don't think I'll always be this long winded...

Exercise -

After all my debates about when to run last weekend I ended up doing it Sunday morning outside. It made our morning a bit more rushed but it was a fantastic day out there. I didn't get out before 8 a.m. because my breakfast was still settling. On the weekends I almost always make pancakes for the kids so for the past couple of weeks I just make up a separate batch of Biggest Loser pancakes for myself. As mentioned in last year's post I can eat these until I'm full and not feel any guilt. But since I was full it was difficult to get my butt outside and off running. I'm so glad I did though. I made it out to our Greenway and got in 3 miles (2 miles was the C210K routine and then I just walked the last mile back). Most of the run was shaded and far more interesting than running through my neighborhood.

For my next run which was Tuesday this week I also debating on when to do it: morning, lunch, or after work. We have 50% chances of rain every day this week so the morning was iffy, I didn't really want to go at lunch (see below), and I really needed to run some other errands after work. So as I went to bed on Monday night I decided I would try for the morning if I could wake up in time and it wasn't raining too bad. Voila! I was up (kinda) at 5:30 and it was perfectly clear. Getting out of bed was difficult but I kept reminding myself that I would love being out there once I got going. And I wasn't lying to myself. I was up just as the sun was above the tree line, the temps were great, and the birds were singing... You get the point - it was lovely. But I only did the two miles because I needed enough time to still get ready for work.

In other areas, I have confusion on which ellipticals to use at the gym. The machines I like more (feel like they give me a better workout) all have broken cup holders. So I tried the other set and while I burned my 300 calories I almost doubted the effectiveness. Basically, my heart rate got up but not as high as the other machines. But I really like having access to my water while I work out so we'll see which set I choose the next time I go in.

Weights were a bit rushed on Monday as I decided to work out during my lunch hour. Years ago I used to always use my lunch hour to work out but usually the hour would stretch to at least 1:15 (sometimes more like 1:30). I get super sweaty when I work out so I have to allow enough time to clean up and change before going back to sit in my office. I now prefer to see if I can take my lunch hour at the end of the day and then that way I can work out and go home. But in general, that practice is frowned upon if you do it every day so I try not to do it too often. I've figured out that I need to do more than 2 days of weights though. So I need to work that into my schedule. For this week I will do weights on Thursday and then my strength training video on Saturday or Sunday.

Next week is my vacation week and I'll be driving the majority of two days and on the beach for 2 days. I'm not going to worry about using the hotel gym for weight workouts but I do plan to do lots of beach walking and some C210K runs. So I'll get more cardio than strength next week. I also will not have as much control over my diet so for next week it may be good enough if I end up even on the weight front.

Which brings me to....

Diet -

Just a couple of things here since I've already talked a lot about this topic this week. One, I got a different brand of cottage cheese and it was disgusting. Unfortunately, the gross brand was the cleaner one (meaning less ingredients that rely on chemicals). Oh well - I'm going back to my other brand and making the rest of this current brand into the BL pancakes. (Which I did on Wednesday after my Dr. appt and they were delish!)

Two - I've been doing a lot of menu researching so that I have a plan while on vacation. I want to be able to balance eating out (and not just eating garden salads) with my overall goals. My plan right now is to stay away from fried and fatty foods (such as heavy sauces or things soaked in butter) and to still keep carbs down. So to accomplish that I will stick to grilled or steamed seafood and split entrees with my son (who happens to love seafood). Really, I want to reach my goals more than I want fried shrimp but I still want to have a good time eating out. I will however indulge with a couple of drinks (there's some delightful thing called a Voodoo Bucket that I really feel the need to try out).

Just wheel me out folks...
Three - as part of this menu researching I have found that there isn't anything I can eat besides a plain salad with little dressing (and not feel guilty) at Jason's Deli. If the calories are low the fat and carbs are sky high. Even a CUP of chili was bringing my percentages into bad zones. Sheesh.

For example, their lowest carb meal item (per their online menu) is a Tuna Melt (Half). It only has 20g of carbs in it but has 460 calories and 30g of fat! The Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich (Half) is a better option with 21g carbs, 330 calories, and 16g of fat. But 16g of fat is still a big chunk of my daily fat grams - I try to stay around 40-50g total.

One of their worst offenders totally shocked me. The Black Bean Taco Salad (original) - it has 109g of carbs, 1030 calories (!!!), and 57 g of fat. So much for thinking that "black beans" made it healthier. Their "lighter" version of this still has 740 calories, 40 g fat, and 82g carb. Good lord, I would only be able to eat the lighter version and a bowl of cheerios for the day if I picked that while I was being good about tracking. I expected these kind of numbers at other restaurants but thought this place was generally healthier. I learned something new today. I also learned that I won't be eating out much for the next few months if I want to stay focused and on track. I won't have to be hyper vigilant forever but I will always need to stay aware of the choices I'm making so that I can balance them out and not come back to where I am right now.

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