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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Last call and future plans

Okay - back to abstaining from alcohol again.  You don't have to go home wine but you can't stay here.

I've gotten through vacation and anniversary celebrations and now I'm done. Last night's anniversary dinner did have a screwdriver type of drink which was fine in my overall calorie consumption allowances but it's better to eat my calories than to drink them.

I also had horrible stomach cramps last night after dinner. I don't know if the drink was to blame but it certainly didn't help either.

In general I love drinking but I really don't do a lot of it. My husband and I may go through one bottle of wine per week (which means 2 glasses of wine per week and that's not every week). So it's not like I'm giving up a lot but I do enjoy it a lot when we do have it.

I still think I will lose one pound this week and I don't think it will be anymore than that. It's really annoying because calculation/numbers wise I should lose at least 2 pounds. The easiest explanation is that I underestimated calories and overestimated calories burned - not hard to do since I was eating food that I didn't cook/prepare for some of my meals. It could also be water retention from extra sodium and alcohol. Or it could just be a temporary stall because my routine was disrupted.

Whatever it is, it's all a bit frustrating but it is STILL a loss. I am still working towards my goal. I will get there eventually. On the bright side, I have lost some inches in various areas of my body so that has helped my attitude during this week of frustrating scale reflections. And I'm 1/3 towards my second mini-goal (have lost 5 lbs of 15). So there are a lot of things to celebrate.

As for today, I'll get my exercise done later this afternoon. It will be at the gym but I don't know if it will be the next installment of C2-10K (W5D1)* or just a walk or elliptical. I don't have to do the C2-10K as I've already done three days for this past week. I thought about adding the 4th day to jump ahead a bit and push myself but my muscles are still recovering from yesterday's weights. So now I'm thinking - "eh, no need to kill myself with a 4th day." My only goal for today is to burn about 450 calories so I get a little above 3000 calories burned for the week. How I burn it doesn't matter as much to me. I'll make the final decision once I get to the gym.

*Correction - I would be doing W4D3 today not starting W5. But I have done 3 days of C2-10K already this week: Tues/Thurs/Fri.

As for longer term exercise goals I really want to build up to a triathlon again. That was the most fun I've had with exercise plans (the group training helped a lot too). There's a local sprint distance tri in April that I want to do. That gives me more than enough time to build up to it. My thoughts are to add in 1 or 2 days of lap swimming once August rolls around and then to start biking in late September or October (to beat most of the heat). Also, I need to buy a road bike as I will never do another tri on a mountain bike (ugh). There's a bike auction in September that I'll check out but otherwise I just need to see where I can find a cheaper road bike that fits (we have one but it's too big/tall for me). Once I get up to being able to run a 5k again (without walking) I'll stick with 5-10K distances for my runs. I have absolutely no desire to do a half marathon again. I might be talked into a 15K or 10 miler but that's the max and only if my speeds get closer to 10 m/m again. Anything above that has always crashed my training plans and I no longer feel the need to prove that I can do it.

Keep in mind that it's hilarious that I'm even talking about anything above a 5k right now though as I'm currently dreading the 8 min segments and the 20 min segment runs on week 5 of the C210K plan. Building up has been harder this time around (or at least it feels harder mentally). My weight now is almost the same as it was when I had built up to the 5k last May (2014) so it's not just being heavier - though that doesn't help. I do think that I had built up my quads and glutes more last year though because of all the hills I dealt with on my running routes. Also, the heat zaps me here so that's probably the biggest reason why it's harder. It is, however, easier to deal with the heat this year than it was last year right after we moved back. The weather change completely derailed me.

I guess that I'm looking ahead because I need something to help me focus beyond the scale. While the slow down from this week may be just a temporary blip it will probably happen again (and again) so if I'm looking for lifestyle changes I need more than just calorie restrictions and cardio only for the sake of calorie burning.

Ended up using the elliptical and a wee bit of speed work on the treadmill. About a 700 calorie burn.

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