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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mid-Week Musings

I wanted some extra caffeine on Monday morning so I pulled into McD's. I decided to get something different, but still relatively healthy, so I ordered a medium, iced non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte (it was complicated to order and it took them a couple of tries to understand me). And this is what they handed me...

Because whipped cream is totally non-fat and sugar free.

I was just going to dump the top portion of whipped cream but a quick sip told me that the rest of the drink wasn't sugar free either. So I then had to go in and have them make a new one. Except - the sugar free vanilla crap is still way too sweet and quite disgusting. So that's a drink I won't be having again. I'll just go back to my plain sugar free iced coffees and deal with the fat from the creamer.

Then, because having a morning coffee ruined isn't enough for one day, my shoes broke.

I've had these shoes FOREVER (I really can't remember when I bought them but I know it was several years ago...) so I guess it was their time. Plus they squeaked something awful whenever I walked in them. Thankfully, I had my sneakers since I brought clothes to work out in but sneakers and a skirt isn't exactly a winning professional combo.

And the last shot that Monday threw at us was that my hubby got a speeding ticket. Jayzus Monday, give us a break already!

Actually, I guess it did since I later took my son to get some shoes (as his were falling apart too) and I found a pair of boy's dress shoes marked down to $3. We'll see how long they last...

In other musings, I found a solution to feeling gross after lunch time workouts...

The quick bath of champions.
And my weekly workout schedule is being adjusted due to a class cancellation and my failure to bring the $1 for the other class I had planned on. It's all good though - you adjust and move on.

Finally, I've been scrolling through blog land to find some new blogs for my introverted support group needs.

I love reading about other people's successes and trials. Many of the previous blogs I followed either no longer post regularly, or they've moved on from "weight loss" goals. Which is cool - everyone has different stages on their journey but it doesn't help me when I need to something to distract me from the thoughts of the Ghirardelli chocolate basket down the hall (yes, it's still there! but I only had those two pieces last week and have avoided it since).

One post that I found was pretty intriguing since it seems to sync up to some of my recent observations about myself and cravings: How I stopped binging. I have definitely found that I struggle more with cravings whenever I "allow" myself to have something with a lot of sugar or processed carbs. It also fits into my findings that my once beloved Coke Zero was actually making me want to eat more.

Anyway, if you're a silent reader (I know you're out there from my analytics) and you have a blog that you keep up with please send me the link. I'd love to hear your story.

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