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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Return to Spin

When I woke up Monday morning I could feel all of my muscles.

I overworked my left hamstring on the weight machines last Friday and it started to cause me some grief on Sunday after the swim. The rest of me was just whining.

So I didn't know if I would end up doing spin at lunch as I planned. Still, I brought all my clothes and the $1 needed for the class. And by the time lunch time rolled around I didn't feel so stiff anymore so I went ahead and bit the bullet.

It's been a couple of years since I've done a spin class. They now have a new dedicated spin room in our rec center with updated bikes - which is really good because most of the old bikes only had two settings: Flat Road and Mt. Everest.

I figured out how to set up the new bike for my height (I always have to raise a seat) but realized too late that the one I picked out didn't have a cup holder - won't make that mistake again. It also took about 20 minutes before I figured out the resistance settings I needed to use. There was a moment about 12-15 minutes in where I thought I might pass out. The rest of the class wasn't so bad and I really enjoyed it. The people in there were great and I liked the instructor. So spin is definitely on my rotation for my weekly workouts.

Heloise, however, would like to remind me to bring my bike shorts the next time I want to do spin. A little padding would have helped a great deal.

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