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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stop the room, I'd like to get off

Seems like every summer, usually in July, I get vertigo symptoms. They typically last a week or two. They hit me like a truck Monday morning. I had to get up and get going as it would look funny to extend my vacation with a sick day and my husband had an early morning Dr. appointment so I needed to get the kids to their summer programs. But there was one point where I had slid down the doorjamb between my bathroom and my room and was sitting on the floor staring straight ahead to (stop the spinning) and the kids came in and both said, "are you sure you should be driving?" I agreed with them that it probably wasn't the best idea in the world.

But a Claritin and Sudafed later and I felt much better - not 100% but not spinny anymore. All morning I wondered if I would feel up to exercising. I wasn't going to push myself if things were still spinning but since that improved I went over to the gym at lunch and got my C210K run in (W4D3) as planned. I was a little sad to end week 4 as this is the last week of shorter run segments. I keep telling myself that I'll be fine with week 5 and beyond (after all I had the same worries last year and it turned out fine) but the worrywart in my brain is asking me if I want to repeat week 4. :)

While the run went ok I was pretty much spent for the rest of the day. My head hurt, my forehead felt warm even though the rest of me was cold, and I was super tired. I have prescription medicine for the vertigo but it knocks me out so it's not something I can take if working or driving.

I was looking back at older entries to see if I had documented other summer/July vertigo moments and found this post: Thigh Envy - it has nothing to do with vertigo but it's kind of funny because I talk about how I couldn't wear spandex shorts by themselves. Now I routinely wear spandex bike/compression shorts (with no other shorts over them) and I'm not as self conscious about my fat thighs (which are bigger now than they were in 2011). I still think that overall I look better in capris but it's too hot to care that much.

Anyway, here's hoping this vertigo thing doesn't last too long - I don't need another thing to get me off track again. I'll skip the abs and tone class on Tuesday if I still have symptoms because I imagine there will be too much movement in that class that will trip a dizzy spell.

**I woke up this morning feel much better - no spinouts. So I went ahead and checked out the Abs and Tone class (more on that in a different post) and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I went down on the mat the room went around again. I was able to finish the class but I had a couple more spells before it was over. Stupid inner ears.

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