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Friday, July 24, 2015

Wakey Wakey! Egg whites and turkey bac-ie.

I need to wake up early tomorrow (Friday) to run. The weather will be great - I just need to get my rear out of the bed.

So I'm putting this Jillian Michael's quote out there as some self-motivation:

Friday Morning Update:
Yay for me I got out of bed and got out there. Unfortunately, while it was only 70 degrees there was 100% humidity.  This is what it looked like:

This was at the end of my run - it was actually thicker/darker when I started.
It was SO hard to run. I got through C210K W6D1 but it definitely was the hardest and least enjoyable run so far. But I got through it by saying, "it doesn't matter if it's hard - you only have to finish it not enjoy it." 

My plan is to do my toning video that I have at home (I did this one a lot last spring when I didn't have access to a gym). Getting additional motivation to do something once I'm home is difficult so I'll have to look at my J.M. quote a few times today I'm sure. :)

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