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Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 4 Results and Week 5 Schedule

Almost a month into this now (Wednesday, the 8th is one month).

I think the first month has gone amazingly well. I've lost a good amount of weight and my exercise is on track. My cravings and indulgences are being handled. In fact, it's going so well that I'm a bit scared in all honesty. It's not normal for me to not want to binge on things or have bad diet days. So it's like walking on thin ice wondering when it's going to break. But so far, so good so I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

Chipping away at the bottom circle!
I did everything I said I was going to do except the 3rd day of strength training (my muscles were tired and I didn't push it).
  • Monday: Elliptical and weights
  • Tuesday: C2-10K, W2D3 (2 miles)
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C2-10K, W3D1 (3 miles) and weights
  • Friday: 6 mile walk (17 m/m avg)
  • Saturday: C2-10K, W3D2 (3 miles)
  • Sunday: 4 mile walk
If my "calories burned" estimates are accurate I burned 4025 calories this week. I'm going to try and get closer to 5000 calories as I continue on and build up mileage. This week I had 18 miles between walking and C2-10K. My plan is also to up mileage slowly, eventually getting to 30 miles a week. On Thursday I did the regular C2-10K intervals which lasted for 2 miles but then finished the last mile by running one minute and then walking one minute. I felt ready to push myself a little on the running. I did that run on the treadmill so that I could control the speed and make sure I wasn't going to fast on the run portions. The majority of the run portions weren't any faster than 5.0 (or 12 min/miles). I tried to do a little extra running on Saturday too but after one extra 90 sec segment my legs and lungs told me no more so I just walked the rest of the last mile. It was super humid out and difficult to breathe at some points. 

Carbs increased a little. Calories stayed where I wanted them to be. I did a lot of planning and adjusting. I experimented with zucchini lasagne, and even survived a holiday. This next week is the real challenge. I don't expect it to be as "perfect" but I don't plan to go out of control either. In any case, each day starts new again so if I do screw up I know that I will just do better the next day.

Weight: 3.2 lbs, 15.4 total
I'm loving the weight loss pace right now but don't expect it to be like this forever. I know I'll reach a point where I'm lucky to get 1-2 lbs per week. 

Week 5 Schedule - Vacation Week (ack!)
I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here about vacation meal planning but I plan to bring some of my own food with me and then be moderate at any lunch or dinner where we eat out. We'll have the hotel breakfast so I'm just going to have to convince my brain that I don't need a buffet to be happy. I'll ask for egg whites but if they don't have that I'll stick with oatmeal or cereal plus any fruit and yogurt they have. I'll miss the Belgium Waffles but I will survive.

As for exercise, I want to walk along the beach quite a bit and I plan to get C2-10K week 3 done on Tuesday and start week 4 on Thursday and W4D2 sometime on Saturday or Sunday (back home). I can hit the gym again Friday-Sunday so I'll get my two days of strength training in towards the end of the week (Fri/Sun). My calories burned will probably be more in the low 3000 range but it is vacation after all.

Unless the hotel gym has a scale I won't be able to obsess over my daily weight either. This is probably a good thing. I don't want all my motivation to come from the number I see - I want it to be good feelings based on the fact that I have fed my body healthy fuel and have been active. While I can say this in a philosophical fashion I know I have a while before I'm mentally there.

Until next time...

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