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Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 6 Results and Week 7 Schedule

  • Monday: C2-10K (W4D3)
  • Tuesday: Abs and Tone (30 min) plus Elliptical (15 min)
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: Rest'ish: Elliptical (20 min) - ended up doing this before the blood donation instead of a walk afterwards
  • Friday: C2-10K (W5D1) and Abs/Legs weights
  • Saturday: Elliptical (45 min)
  • Sunday: Slow swim laps, C2-10K (W5D2), and a little bit of ab work and weights
Estimated Calories Burned: 3500. I wanted to start bumping this number up but this wasn't the week to do it since I dealt with vertigo and time constraints. Instead, I'm happy to have put the time and effort in that I was able to.

I finally got some new swim goggles and a new swim cap. Our neighborhood pool was empty Sunday morning when I took the kids. So I tested out the new goggles and did some very slow laps. I did a rough estimate of the pool length at its widest point (about 20 meters) and I probably got about 400 meters total; but it was slow and with plenty of breaks at the end of each lap.  The two sprint tri's that I'm looking at in spring are 300 and 200 meter pool swims. I'll need to build up endurance so that I can do them more quickly but thankfully I haven't forgotten everything about swimming since 2011. I'll try to incorporate some swim workouts once or twice a week for now. I watched some YouTube videos to remember proper form again but that was after the swim so I'll test it out on the next try.

Everything was on track this week. The carbs stayed lower (128g/day average) but also I kept an eye on my fat/protein as well. I had a few extra carbs on Thursday as that was blood donation day and they made me eat something since I got a little light headed afterwards. I choose raisins which seemed to be the least evil of the choices being offered (though I have often enjoyed the cookies afterward). Since those were "fruit" carbs and it was medically necessary I'm not going to give it a second thought.  I never felt overly hungry or craved anything bad. So in spite  of the frustrations with the scale readings early on this week I did the right thing this week and can feel good about it.

Weight: 4.4 lbs lost, 21 total, 9 out of 15 lbs lost for mini-goal #2. The weight milestone I talked about in the last post was 20 lbs. As of Sunday night I was .2 lbs away from it - imagine my surprise this morning when I blew that out of the water. The huge loss this week is also catching up from last week but I'm super pleased.

Schedule for Week 7
  • Monday: Going to try out a spin class again
  • Tuesday: C2-10K (W5D3) and Weights
  • Wednesday: Zumba
  • Thursday: C2-10K (W6D1)
  • Friday: Elliptical and Weights
  • Saturday: C2-10K (W6D2) and swimming
  • Sunday: Walk/Rest Day
Keep doing what I'm doing. I'm not hungry or dealing with cravings right now and my overall percentages are fine. Really, I probably won't reevaluate my diet until I get under 200 lbs - which is "cough cough" pounds away. It getting closer though and I'll tell you eventually...

If Richard says it, I can believe it!

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