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Friday, July 31, 2015

Whatever Friday...

Ugh - such a week. Where do I start? There's good and bad.

  1. I bought running new shoes and capris. The capris are almost see through. You can totally see my underwear. Awkward. The shoes are good though.
  2. The scale has not moved this week. Well I take that back - it moved up a half pound and stuck there. I was doing everything right but it wasn't moving. We'll see what happens over the weekend.
  3. Still feeling hungry this week. By Thursday I was tired of fighting it and went a little overboard. Once again, in the overall picture I was fine, it was a 1600'ish calorie day so when you count my exercise calories of 652 I still had wiggle room. But they weren't good choices. 
  4. Part of those 1600'ish calories though were some extra carbs which made running C210K W7D1 much easier. I made it through a little more than 2 miles on the running portion (which was 25 min). My splits were 11 and 11:30. So I'm doing better than how I'm feeling about it.
  5. If I was clueless before, finding this nutrition data makes me understand why I so quickly gained weight this spring... (The Colossal Carrot Cake from McAlister's Deli)
Holy $%^&

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