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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week Twelve Results

Notice there isn't a "and Week Thirteen Schedule" - no worries I'm not giving up, more on that in a different post...

  • Monday: Spin and Ultimate Sculpt
  • Tuesday: Treadmill intervals (speed work) and weight machines
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: Turbo Kick
  • Friday: Walk/Rest
  • Saturday: Quick run (approx 2 mi)
  • Sunday: Spin (35 min), run (2 mile), and Swim
Estimated Calorie Burn: 4022
Average Daily Burn: 575

Monday and Tuesday: AWESOME SAUCE!!! There after, "ehhh". But I have my parents in town and it's social eating and drinking. Nothing insane at first - just not strict caloric intakes. Then Saturday happened and it was if I had never heard of the word diet. But Sunday was back on track.

Tuesday and Wednesday showed big losses on the scale (was down two pounds), Thursday showed a gain back to Tuesday's weigh in weight, Friday and Saturday showed that I was still up but maintaining. Sunday I was up two more pounds (which was no surprise after the eating free for all). Then Monday I was a little lower than last Monday but not by much.

Weight loss: .4 lbs - 206.4
Twelve Week Loss: 31 lbs

I expect this to float back down again this week as I get the carbs and sodium intake under control again. I'm not too frustrated.

Final Notes:
I'm entering a higher stress period in my work environment. I should still be able to get the workouts in and if I prepare ahead the diet will be ok. Another 12 weeks will bring me right to Thanksgiving week. So it's time to hit the refresh button and get going on the next stage.

Friday, August 28, 2015

A cautionary tale of love gone bad

I didn't make it to Zumba this week so there was no double cardio day on Wednesday but there was still higher calories! Sure way to dieting success!

It was Jose's fault.
So this week I tried out Turbo Kick - a new class (at least to me) that's offered at our rec center this semester. It's offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I wasn't able to make it on Tuesday. Here's how it's advertised:

Turbo Kick: Get hooked on this Turbo high! This class is a mix of cardio kickboxing and body sculpting dance moves choreographed to the hottest music mixes. You will get lean and toned and have a blast doing it. It is high intensity, fast-paced, and totally addicting!

The very fit and perky instructor said that if we were used to Zumba then we would pick up on this class pretty quickly.

And then the music started and an hour later my brain is still trying to recover.

Imagine a love story where Zumba met Kickboxing and they fell in love and had a baby. Then imagine that baby getting hooked on crack.

That baby's name is Turbo Kick.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that crack baby. I was completely exhausted, confused, and sweaty but I loved it.

Here's a short YouTube clip of a different Turbo Kick:
See how quickly they change up the moves! I'm used to slower beats and longer counts before switching up my moves.

The trick is, as I mentioned to some fellow classmates afterwards, to NEVER look at yourself in the mirror. Just tell yourself that you look as awesome as the instructor and never get proof of anything else.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sweating Buckets

Tuesday's workout was speed intervals on the treadmill and weights.

The treadmill workout was the same as I posted before. Once again, I didn't use the incline - I kept the treadmill at 0%. I spent the full 30 minutes on the treadmill but wasn't able to keep the speed they called for in minutes 21-29. For those minutes I went back and forth, some were walking, some were at 5.0 or 5.5. And I topped out at 6.0 rather than 6.5.

The good thing is that until I got winded I felt really good with the running. After the leg cramps at Saturday's 5k I wasn't sure about how I would do. But good grief I was drenched in sweat! I'd put my hand up to wipe off my forehead and it was like I was scooping water.

I'd like to think of myself as looking like this...

But I'm sure it was more like this...

Afterwards the weights were fine. The weight room was just crowded with all the guys with puffed out chests and egos to boost. Welcome back students!

One thing you'll notice from this week is that I'm increasing my strength training. It's not all weights - some are more sculpting moves like squats and push-ups and those kind of "fun" things. If all goes well there will be 5 days of various strength training sessions instead of 3.

Also this week, the diet has gone better (thus far). The carbs are lower and I've increased healthy fats to balance it out. I haven't had too many cravings so that's good. For Wednesday, the calories were upped a bit since this is a double cardio day but the percentages are similar to Monday and Tuesday:

MyFoodDiary.com doesn't like higher fat and lower carbs which is why those are in red.
And I've already lost 2 lbs so far. Keeping a wary eye on that though as the scale has been a tease recently.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My new favorite thing

Me too, Homer, me too.

Remember that huge goody-bag I got from the Doughboy Challenge? No? Click here.

One of those boxes contained the heavenly goodness of this:

This is an Almond Dark Chocolate Nut Crisp Bar from Nature Valley. One bar has: 130 calories, 9g fat (2g sat fat), 11g carbs, 2g fiber, 6g sugar, and 3g protein.

It is hella good. Unless you're allergic to peanuts - then you'll die. But if not, mmmmmm.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's noticeable

A thirty pound loss on my frame is apparently what it takes before people begin to notice - or at least comment on the change. It doesn't bother me because I know it's a fact. I'm tall enough that I can hide the weight. There's not a lot of physical differences between me at 220 and me at 235 for instance. Yeah, clothes are tighter at the higher weight but you really have to pay attention to see a difference. This of course changes as I get lighter - there's more of a difference between, say, 175 and 190.

But this is also what gets me into trouble because I have a disconnect between what I see in the mirror versus how I actually look. I always am surprised to see a photo of myself when I'm heavier because it doesn't match up to what I see in the mirror. So I let myself go along for longer than what's good for me because I don't see the weight (and I avoid pictures).

Anyway, people are noticing and that's always gratifying.

I continue to see some differences in specific areas. My arms have the beginning of definition. Which I love! I miss my former, more toned, arms. But they're starting to come back so that's good. I made it through most of my Ultimate Sculpt video yesterday with 10 lb weights. I still have to use lower weights for tricep exercises. I could probably do more than the 5 lb weights I have but am not quite ready for 10. I need to get some 7 or 8 lb hand weights for at home.

I checked my measurements again and there's further inches lost and body fat is down another 1%. I'm slowly progressing towards being more of an "average" overweight person. :) Seven pounds left to leave the obese category altogether.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 11 Results and Week 12 Schedule

  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: elliptical and weight machines
  • Wednesday: 3 mile (intervals) and Zumba
  • Thursday: walk and Shred (level 3) video
  • Friday: elliptical (easy effort)
  • Saturday: 5k race
  • Sunday: BL Power Train video (warm up and level one only), butt pilates, and swim
Avg Daily Burn: 596
Estimated Calories Burned:4172

My trainers this week.
As seen from earlier this week I upped the calories and carbs. This, not surprisingly, did not help matters at all. While it may put me in better "net calorie" ranges it increases my desires to snack and eat crap that isn't good for me. I'm going to restructure the diet plan again. And the bag of candy is going out of my office again.
Average Daily Cals: 1612
Average Daily Carbs: 183

Not a huge loss but better than last week. I had originally hoped to be under 200 at this point. So I'm adjusting expectations. :) I have finally hit the 30 lb loss mark though!
  • Loss week 11: 1.6 lbs (206.8)
  • Overall Loss: 30.2 lbs
  • Mini-Goal #3: 3.2 of 11 lbs

Week 12 Schedule
Before I get into the daily plan I want to ponder more about what  I want my next goal to be now that I've finished the 5k. With the continuing weight stall I think it's obvious that it's time to change things up and kick my body out of its comfort zone. I may only get around to trying a couple of new things this week but I think that finishing 12 weeks means that it's time to start something new/harder for the next 12 weeks. There will most likely be adjustments to this week's schedule as I see how busy my day becomes with classes back in session and family coming to visit.
  • Monday - Spin and Ult Sculpt
  • Tuesday -  30 minute treadmill workout (various speeds) and weights
  • Wednesday - Spin and Zumba (hopefully)
  • Thursday - Turbo Kick (a new class I want to try out - it's cardio and sculpting)
  • Friday - walk/rest
  • Saturday - 3-4 mile run (4/1 intervals), PT video (2 levels)
  • Sunday - elliptical, weights, and swim
Finally, I heard this on the way to work Monday morning so it can become my anthem for the week:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Doughboy Challenge 5K

Taken from their Facebook page.
Please Lord, just let me beat Pop-n-fresh.

Another 5k in the books. The weather was pleasant, overcast and around 68 or so. But it was pretty humid (somewhere in the 80-90% range). I could have lived without my sunglasses because of the clouds, especially at the end of the race when they started to fog up really bad.

I had two eggo type waffles with peanut butter and honey as my pre-race food but didn't get any coffee as we ran out of creamer at home. I drank some extra water since I knew I would be sweating quite a bit with the humidity.

I got to the race area around 7 a.m. (start time 7:30). I already had my bib and stuff since I did the pre-race pick up on Friday. I first exchanged my shirt because it was too large. I didn't realize they were unisex shirts so it was really a men's size large. The medium is much better. It's neon yellow and a tech material - which means I'll wear it to exercise in and don't want it all floppy. I walked around a bit, stretched a bit, looked for people I knew but didn't see anyone. I visited the port-a-potty and got in some squat exercises. The start line wasn't really marked. They only set it out right before the race as that road had been opened to traffic before hand. This was a family friendly race so there were lots of kids, walkers, strollers, and even a few dogs. You can see the group of boys at the starting line in the picture above.

I knew enough to put myself about 3/4ths of the way back. There were around 500 racers total. We got started and there was the usual winding your way around the walkers who had put themselves too far forward and liked to walk about 5-6 people wide as a group. Sigh.

I almost didn't bring my watch with me to the race as I truly didn't care about my time. I hoped to be around 35 minutes but I wasn't confident in it. Then they marked the distances by kilometers instead of miles so I had to do some quick calculations in my head to convert my time/pace. I wasn't going fast at all and hit the 1K mark around 7 minutes in. That was putting me on pace for a 35 min finish so I was fine with that.

Then my entire left leg cramped up - both the calf muscle and my hamstrings. Holy crap it hurt. I kept going and trying to push through but it slowed me down. I eventually came to a walk for about a minute or so, then tried to run again, and then had to walk again. This went on throughout the entire 2K. I was worried about having a DNF for a stinkin' 5k but I kept pushing through it. I would find a runner/walker in front of me to catch or keep up with and got through to the 2K marker around 14:30. So slower but not horrible.

After that I decided to do my run 4, walk 1 intervals. I was already tired and it seemed like the whole thing was uphill. (keep in mind that my town is pretty darn flat) I got to 3K around 22'ish minutes and was glad I was more than halfway done. I passed a couple that were walking and heard the lady say - "this is the longest uphill road" so it wasn't just me.

Then this younger guy flew past me. I immediately thought - "yeah, he won't be able to keep that up" and I was right. I think I finished before him which is saying something. On one of my walking breaks an older man passed me (who I had passed earlier in the race) and as we went past the second water station he was joking and asking for whiskey. At that point I wouldn't have said no to some myself.

I got to 4K around 30 minutes I guess. We finally were on a downward slope and since it was a straight line to the finish you could start to get an idea of how much further it really was. My last walking break was at the 30 minute mark. After that I pushed myself to finish since I was so close. The last few minutes were awful. It felt more like I was finishing a half marathon.

I passed a different couple at one point but when we were about 2 blocks from the end she picked up the pace and blew past me - very impressive to have a last kick. I was having none of that. I despaired a bit at the thought of it still being two blocks but they passed pretty quick and then I was over the finish line and done. Finish time was somewhere in the 37 minute range - the clock was right at 38 minutes but I know my chip time was behind that. I hit my clock but I hit the "lap" button instead of the stop button (and didn't look down) so I don't know my exact time. Results will be out later today - but it's not like the exact seconds really matter that much in the end.

So my slowest 5k ever but considering my bum leg (which still hurts) it could have been much worse.

I got a couple of pics at the end - I didn't get them before hand because it's such a pain to get my phone in and out of the arm holder.

So, in spite of the slower time this is definitely a race I'd do again. I like running through the downtown neighborhood and I like family friendly 5ks (even with the starting area dodging). The swag bag was amazing and the volunteers were all super friendly. They also had a great variety of bagels AND cream cheese at the end - not just some stale cold plain bagels with nothing on it. They had yogurt and other stuff too but I never feel like eating a lot after a race. I just did half a cinnamon/sugar bagel with honey/almond cream cheese (yum) and finally got some coffee at the McD's which was close by.

8/24 Update - Official Results:


Pre-Race Notes:

First, this is my bib number. I thought "36" was a really low number to get. Also, makes my Zombies!Run! app more applicable than ever.

The Goody Bag to end all goody bags! Short of getting Tiffany jewelry at a Nike's Womens' event this has got to be the more impressive goody bag out there. More races should be sponsored by General Mills/Pillsbury.

While the food is impressive this was the most fun part of the bag:

Hee hee!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Burrito and the Shred

I'm not starving. And apparently I'm carb loading for my 5k - because you know a 5k requires a lot of carb loading...

Wednesday was "you know you're burning 1,000 calories today so you can go ahead and eat that" kind of day.

Thursday we (work people) went out to lunch. I had pre-planned accordingly based on a menu with no nutrition values listed. I was going to get what I get at a similar kind of restaurant. Except the "small" burrito was not so small. Sure I could have eaten half of it to compensate but it was really good: carnitas, black beans, lettuce, and pico. No cheeses or sour cream/guac. But it was big. My calories for yesterday may have even been more than that since I was just estimating how much meat and beans were in the burro. My plan, then, was to just eat a nice salad for dinner.

Until I got Dominoes for dinner for the kids. Hmmm, I'll take a slice. But still only one slice - not 3, 4, or more.

And there may have been a cookie, some milk, and some starbursts... Maybe. But this is all accounted for in the calories listed above.

I didn't have access to the gym yesterday (it closed for staff training) so I took a walk around the neighborhood. I also was going to do strength training with one of my videos. I ended up picking out the Shred workout with Jillian and "just seeing" what level 3 was like. I've had this DVD for YEARS and I don't think I've ever worked my way up. I finished it but everything was modified.

I didn't even attempt this move: Rock Star Jump - for several reasons which included the noise involved with jumping on the floor of the second story of my house, not wearing the right kind of sports bra (whap!), and my bladder would have exploded. I did high knees instead - Jillian can get over it. But basically as I was going through the rounds I thought - "and THIS is why I don't want a personal trainer again."

So far today I've done ok except for having a piece of cake that wasn't totally necessary. But hey, I'm carb loading right?

No further weight loss this week since Tuesday's loss - this isn't a surprise anymore. It may just be 1 pound at a time at this point... But thankfully, no gains either.

Race post tomorrow!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pumpkin Spice All the Things!

It needs to be fall already. It's been rainy all week and that puts me in the mood for October.

This morning I couldn't stand it anymore and stopped at Walgreen's for a fall candle and Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte (since they have not yet released PSLs). The Chai was amazing and totally worth the 170 calories.

How to do a candle at work but not burn the building down.
Yesterday (Wednesday) I had the morning off from work due to a dentist appointment. After the appointment I got in my "run". It wasn't too hot - probably in the high 70's and although it was like 90+% humidity there was a breeze so I thought it would be fine. I only got 10 minutes into the run before I was drenched in sweat and feeling dead from the effort. So I switched to intervals and could barely make it through 3 minutes of running at a time. The 3.12 miles ended up taking me about 43 minutes. Right at the end the skies opened up and drenched me. Good thing I was near my car.

This is not a good sign for Saturday's 5k.

Except - current weather forecasts are that it will be cloudy and 64 at the start of the race. So we'll see but I really think I'll be somewhere in the 35-36 minute range at best.

I'm seriously considering stopping my 10k training and just sticking to smaller distances for now with one long run per week. Maybe once it's cooler (like late September/October) I can bump up the distance again. It's just too hot (for me) to run that far outside and feel good about it. Instead I feel awful and want to stop running altogether. Since I'm not training for a specific race/event where I need to be adding on mileage right now I think it's better to still feel good about my runs and thus encouraged to keep doing them. If I need more challenge I can always add in dreaded speed work. October will be here soon enough and running outside will be more joyful.

Until then, I pretend it's fall as best I can.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The undead are chasing you

I know the Zombies Run! app has been out for a long time and there are countless reviews out there but I just tried it out for myself for the first time.

I'm not into Zombie culture at all so even though I had heard about this app it wasn't on my radar to try. But as part of my search for things to help motivate me, I figured it would be fun to at least check it out.

I used it for my 3 mile run Monday. Since I was on the indoor track I put the settings on "constant pace" at 12 m/m (I ended up going faster than that but I figured the 12 m/m was a safe estimate). I laughed when the dialogue said that "as long as you went faster than a slow shuffle you'll be fine". I guess it depends on who defines "slow shuffle".

Everyday I'm shuffling.
Since I got 35 minutes of run time in I got all the way through Mission One. I wouldn't say that it motivated me to run faster but it was a nice distraction. I did wonder how on earth a person could hold all of those materials while running - but you know it's not real so I didn't spend too much time wondering.

I already hate Dr. Lady What's Her Name. I hope she gets eaten pretty soon.

So I'll use it as a way to help pass the time as my runs get longer. I'll try out the GPS settings as soon as I can get outside. And eventually I'll enable the chase mode to see if that helps me pick up the pace on shorter runs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lost and Found

Lost: another pound.

.6 left for 30 pounds total

Found: The strap to my hand-held water bottle!! (Featured in this post from last year.) Sadly, I'm more excited about this than the lost pound.

We moved into our house back in December and I could not find this strap to save my life. Then last night, as I was looking for something else in the kids' bathroom, I found it in a basket under a sink. I've just been holding the water bottle without the strap but am so excited to get this thing back.

The case of "Where's all my exercise crap?!"
I also found my old swim cap and goggles in a box up in the attic as I was looking for the kids' microscope this past weekend. I used them on my swim this past weekend and the goggles work much better than the pair I just bought a couple weeks ago. However, they leave quite a nice indentation ring around my eyes after the swim. It was pretty funny - I almost took a picture of myself but then decided against it.

I did end up running yesterday (as per the schedule) but it was inside. I could have actually ran outside as the temps were decent and the rain had stopped but since I didn't have my visor or the hand-held bottle with me I decided just to go back inside. I ran the first 15 minutes with no walking intervals and then did 4 min run/1 min walk for the remainder of the time. I got to the 5k mark around 35:30 - splits were 11:22, 11:30, 11:39. So I think I will stick with this plan for Saturday. I'll do one more run on Wednesday - hopefully outside but we'll see.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 10 Results and Week 11 Schedule

I don't do cross fit but my legs certainly felt this way last week.
  • Monday - Spin
  • Tuesday - one mile run, one mile circuit 
  • Wednesday - spin and zumba
  • Thursday - abs and tone and 15 min on treadmill
  • Friday - nothing! (my first nothing day since July 6th - I put house cleaning calories on my tracker but really that's nothing)
  • Saturday - 5 miles/intervals, ultimate sculpt video
  • Sunday - at home strength training, elliptical, and swim
Estimated Calories Burned: 4273

Not so hot this week. Calories weren't the problem as much as content. Made quite a few poor nutritional choices at the end of the day because I was bored/frustrated. I did change things up a bit in my daily fare as I'm more than tired of my daily lunch salad. While calories weren't a problem it was my highest calorie week so far. The reason they aren't a problem is because I've been under-eating and I think it's finally caught up to me on the metabolism front. But as mentioned in earlier posts, adding on calories isn't just adding in junk.
Average Daily Carbs: 168
Average Daily Calories: 1456

Weight Change
Last week my low weight was on Saturday and Sunday (8/8 and 8/9) at 208.6. By Monday (8/10) it had jumped up to 209.4. There was no good reason for it to go up as I exercised and hadn't indulged in any way. I figured it was just bloat or something and didn't worry too much about it. Until the scale stuck there - all freakin' week until Friday morning when it went up to 210.4. Now that one could be partially blamed for eating extra but the extra calories shouldn't have equaled a pound.

After exercising on Saturday morning I was back down to 209.0. Also, I checked my measurements to see if there was progress on that front even if I wasn't losing pounds. Usually I only measure every two weeks but I needed some kind of motivation. Good news was that I had lost some inches (waist, hips, bust, and biceps) and body fat. I have a body fat scale but it's nowhere near accurate. Instead I use this website: http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/body-fat-percentage-calculator. I lost 1% body fat in one week even though I hadn't lost any weight (at the point of measuring).

I tried on all of my size 12 jeans and they can all be put on, zipped, and buttoned. They're still tight but I don't wear jeans in August weather anyway so by the time it's cool enough to wear them they should be more comfortable. However, I had to put a belt on my size 14 slacks - whoop!

At weigh in on Monday morning (8/17) I was finally down (yay) but only by .2 lbs: 208.4 (sigh).

Week 11 Schedule
  • Monday - interval runs (3 min run, 2 min walk for 3 miles)
  • Tuesday - Elliptical and weights
  • Wednesday - interval runs (4 min run, 1 min walk for 3 miles) and Zumba
  • Thursday - walk/weights
  • Friday - rest
  • Saturday - 5k race
  • Sunday - elliptical, weights, and swim
No rec center classes are being offered this week. The semester starts next week (8/24) with a whole new list of classes and times. This might be my last week for Zumba as well (my husband teaches Wednesday night). Monday's run won't be outside (as originally planned) because of rain. It will be a rainy week all together so we'll have to see about Wednesday's run as well.

After doing a couple of butt/thigh workouts last week (and it killing me) I've decided I probably need to work on that area some more. One day I'd really like to get my hip measurement at less than 40 inches (I have a quite a ways to go on that one) so this will be an area to target. My quads are fairly strong but I keep getting strains in my hamstrings. And I have no strength in my lower abs and quite a nice muffin top from my two big babies. It's really difficult for me to specifically target these areas on my own (because I can never self motivate to do those exercises) so I'm hoping that when the fall classes start at the rec center there will be some more classes like Abs and Tone that I can get to.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

At home strength training

I can barely type and Heloise hates me. Here are some links I did today (curtesy of Pinterest and PopSugar)...


3. Pilates Butt: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/10-Minute-Pilates-Butt-Workout-Video-30890230 

I only did it once for 10 minutes.

The Pilates butt one was impossible (which is why Heloise hates me), I couldn't keep the bridge so I just modified it the best I could.

I'll also work on the elliptical and swim some laps today but I needed to do strength training and didn't really want to do the weights at the rec center.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

So about that 5k....

Got my outside run in this morning. It wasn't too miserable out there. Warm and humid but not horrific. It was really hard for me to get out because I was dealing with a bad sinus headache when I woke up. Then the ibuprofen I took made my stomach a bit queasy. Once I started running my legs felt heavy and useless.

I was more concerned with getting mileage in rather than speed. I tried to do W9D1 of C210K (that's 4 reps of 10 min runs with 1 min walks). I did the first rep and felt awful so I paused the app and took a couple of extra minutes as walking. I got 8 minutes into the second rep and decided - nope, not going to finish this one. So then I did some "run a couple minutes, walk a few minutes" until I got to 2.5 miles (my halfway point). I still needed something to prompt me into running intervals so I started W2D1 (90 second runs, 2 min walks) to get myself back. This got me to a little past 4 miles. I was just going to walk the last mile back to the car but Britney's "Work B*" came on my playlist so I made myself run for that song.

The running portion was just super difficult. I know the heat and humidity play a major role in effort. I felt like everyone else out there was not struggling at all (probably not true but I didn't see them grimace as much).

It all made me a bit worried for the race next week. So here are my running plans for this last week before the 5k on the 22nd:

  • Monday: 3 miles outside - doing 3 min runs and 2 min walks
  • Wednesday: 3 miles outside - doing 4 min runs and 1 min walks

I'll see which interval I prefer. For the race, if the effort feels as hard as today's run did, my plan will be to run the first mile and then do one of those intervals for the remainder of the race. I think I'll stick around 12 m/m if that's the plan. I'll try to mentally just make it a fun race and to do my best but to not feel frustrated at how difficult it might feel.

Friday, August 14, 2015

No, no, no - not in my house

So yesterday I ended up around 1700'ish calories for the day. After the bacon/gouda I was kind of like eh - maybe I do need to eat more. You know, because justifying it makes it all better.

This is my week so far. So really once you look at net calories, I'm not far off with the whole justification thing. EXCEPT....

This morning I had gained another pound. An extra couple hundred calories = 1 pound?! What the heck math?

I'm trying to take it in stride to tell myself that my body is just readjusting - this will all come out in the wash and that things are ok. This is a journey. There will be ups and downs. Look at the big picture. But that only lasts for a few seconds or so.

All day long I've been

I ate 1/2 my 10 a.m. snack at 8:15 (1/4 cup raw almonds). The other half around 9:30 (low fat string cheese). Lunch at 11 (grilled chicken breast and 1/2 cup black beans with salsa). And then I left the office to run errands. At that point I knew I wasn't going to stay strong anymore. I took the route that would put me close to a McD's. 

First, the song on the radio went something like, "Baby, don't go."

Shut up radio. I just want a shake or ice-cream or something else that's bad for me.

Pulled into the McD's. Had somewhat of a reality moment when I saw that everything I wanted was over 500 calories. But the McFlury snack size was a mere 340. So I ordered it. Turns out they were out of ice-cream.

Dikembe Mutombo is apparently my guardian diet angel.

I left the drive-through with nothing and ran my errands. At the next stop I looked at my emails on my phone and this was sitting there in my in-box:
Link to article

Dammit Jillian, I just want some ice-cream too!

So in the end I stopped by Starbucks, got a venti, iced green tea with no sugar. The gal taking the order asked if I wanted anything else and I sighed and sadly said no...

And this is how I ended my day and all was great...
Green tea and blueberries
Nope, not going to show the two snack sized Skittle packs that were also a part of this afternoon's snack or mention it's only 3:03 p.m. and so there's still a lot of day to get through... Just pretend that all is well and I'll wake up tomorrow 4 lbs lighter.

Why have these past couple of weeks been so hard? I'm just going to walk tonight. My legs needed a rest day. I'll run, swim, and do some more weights this weekend. I'm going to change my calorie intake to account for 1200 net calories for a couple of weeks. This is supposed to mean a 2 lb loss each week. The trick will be to not just add sugar or carb calories to this total. However, I may see some additional gains as my body readjusts because I really think I have forced it into "holding on" to its calories. Anyway, if that doesn't work I'll go back or change my plan again. So bear with me as I complain about the scale for a bit longer.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

It was gouda.

One attempt to switch things up this week was to increase the intensity of my workouts. They weren't necessarily longer - just harder. My legs have borne the brunt of this since I haven't done too much with the weights until today. Yesterday was double cardio with spin and Zumba. Zumba ended up being a lot of moves that killed my hamstrings and quads. Then I made it to the abs and tone class today and I think I'll spend the rest of the afternoon thusly...

I threw in a little treadmill cardio afterwards that looked mostly like this except I only had time to do half of it (and I got rid of the incline).

Food so far today has been a little interesting.

  • Breakfast 1: Coffee with non-fat creamer, multi-grain cheerios with chia seeds and almond milk
  • Breakfast 2: Tall soy latte and the bacon gouda breakfast sandwich from Starbucks
  • Lunch: Small grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup chick peas, salsa, and a low-fat mozzarella string cheese
I originally planned on turkey burgers for dinner by my cholesterol counts are already high after my second breakfast. Not that it really matters since I'm usually way low in that area so one bad day isn't a big deal. I may still do that or play around with some other options.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not eating enough which is stalling my weight loss (counterintuitive but I know it's a possibility because of metabolism issues).  While bulking up on fatty breakfast sandwiches is probably not the best action to take it was delicious so....

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When running feels like, eh...

I'm not as bad as yesterday but the scale remains stuck at almost a pound higher than the Saturday weigh in. Since I've stayed on track with diet and exercise and have been visiting the toilet on a regular basis I don't know what's going on. I just keep hoping for a sudden loss when my body wakes up again.

I scheduled myself to run 3 miles and do weights yesterday. I forgot my socks and almost decided to do nothing but I figured my feet would survive one workout with no socks. Once I got to the rec center I didn't have enough time to do the full 3 miles. I got almost a mile in and decided that the only person making me do 3 miles was me and I could switch things up if I wanted. So I finished the one mile (at 10:45 - whee!) and then went another mile but mixed things up with skipping, walking lunges, and side hopping (or whatever it's officially called). It got my heart rate up higher, my muscles are FAR more sore, and the intensity was better to shake things up. I might have looked like an idiot but I felt better about exercising. I didn't get to the weights - once I got home (which took a while because of back to school meetings for the kids) I forgot that I was going to do them at home . Oh well, I'll fit them in another day.

Today I'm going for double cardio again - spin at lunch and Zumba tonight.

I also changed my lunch from a salad with chicken (or chickpeas) to a sweet potato and black bean burger plus a yogurt.

Keep on, keeping on.