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Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Doughboy Challenge 5K

Taken from their Facebook page.
Please Lord, just let me beat Pop-n-fresh.

Another 5k in the books. The weather was pleasant, overcast and around 68 or so. But it was pretty humid (somewhere in the 80-90% range). I could have lived without my sunglasses because of the clouds, especially at the end of the race when they started to fog up really bad.

I had two eggo type waffles with peanut butter and honey as my pre-race food but didn't get any coffee as we ran out of creamer at home. I drank some extra water since I knew I would be sweating quite a bit with the humidity.

I got to the race area around 7 a.m. (start time 7:30). I already had my bib and stuff since I did the pre-race pick up on Friday. I first exchanged my shirt because it was too large. I didn't realize they were unisex shirts so it was really a men's size large. The medium is much better. It's neon yellow and a tech material - which means I'll wear it to exercise in and don't want it all floppy. I walked around a bit, stretched a bit, looked for people I knew but didn't see anyone. I visited the port-a-potty and got in some squat exercises. The start line wasn't really marked. They only set it out right before the race as that road had been opened to traffic before hand. This was a family friendly race so there were lots of kids, walkers, strollers, and even a few dogs. You can see the group of boys at the starting line in the picture above.

I knew enough to put myself about 3/4ths of the way back. There were around 500 racers total. We got started and there was the usual winding your way around the walkers who had put themselves too far forward and liked to walk about 5-6 people wide as a group. Sigh.

I almost didn't bring my watch with me to the race as I truly didn't care about my time. I hoped to be around 35 minutes but I wasn't confident in it. Then they marked the distances by kilometers instead of miles so I had to do some quick calculations in my head to convert my time/pace. I wasn't going fast at all and hit the 1K mark around 7 minutes in. That was putting me on pace for a 35 min finish so I was fine with that.

Then my entire left leg cramped up - both the calf muscle and my hamstrings. Holy crap it hurt. I kept going and trying to push through but it slowed me down. I eventually came to a walk for about a minute or so, then tried to run again, and then had to walk again. This went on throughout the entire 2K. I was worried about having a DNF for a stinkin' 5k but I kept pushing through it. I would find a runner/walker in front of me to catch or keep up with and got through to the 2K marker around 14:30. So slower but not horrible.

After that I decided to do my run 4, walk 1 intervals. I was already tired and it seemed like the whole thing was uphill. (keep in mind that my town is pretty darn flat) I got to 3K around 22'ish minutes and was glad I was more than halfway done. I passed a couple that were walking and heard the lady say - "this is the longest uphill road" so it wasn't just me.

Then this younger guy flew past me. I immediately thought - "yeah, he won't be able to keep that up" and I was right. I think I finished before him which is saying something. On one of my walking breaks an older man passed me (who I had passed earlier in the race) and as we went past the second water station he was joking and asking for whiskey. At that point I wouldn't have said no to some myself.

I got to 4K around 30 minutes I guess. We finally were on a downward slope and since it was a straight line to the finish you could start to get an idea of how much further it really was. My last walking break was at the 30 minute mark. After that I pushed myself to finish since I was so close. The last few minutes were awful. It felt more like I was finishing a half marathon.

I passed a different couple at one point but when we were about 2 blocks from the end she picked up the pace and blew past me - very impressive to have a last kick. I was having none of that. I despaired a bit at the thought of it still being two blocks but they passed pretty quick and then I was over the finish line and done. Finish time was somewhere in the 37 minute range - the clock was right at 38 minutes but I know my chip time was behind that. I hit my clock but I hit the "lap" button instead of the stop button (and didn't look down) so I don't know my exact time. Results will be out later today - but it's not like the exact seconds really matter that much in the end.

So my slowest 5k ever but considering my bum leg (which still hurts) it could have been much worse.

I got a couple of pics at the end - I didn't get them before hand because it's such a pain to get my phone in and out of the arm holder.

So, in spite of the slower time this is definitely a race I'd do again. I like running through the downtown neighborhood and I like family friendly 5ks (even with the starting area dodging). The swag bag was amazing and the volunteers were all super friendly. They also had a great variety of bagels AND cream cheese at the end - not just some stale cold plain bagels with nothing on it. They had yogurt and other stuff too but I never feel like eating a lot after a race. I just did half a cinnamon/sugar bagel with honey/almond cream cheese (yum) and finally got some coffee at the McD's which was close by.

8/24 Update - Official Results:

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