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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fine Dining in the South

The end of another week and my fridge is mostly empty. Hubby and I had a discussion of where we could go out to eat. I said I would adapt to whatever he and the kids decided on.

My husband and I are southern transplants but the kids were born here. So it's fitting that they picked Cracker Barrel for our dinner destination.

Now I love me some CB pancakes. Mmmmmm, the crispy golden buttery sweet goodness.... Shockingly, they're not approved on my current diet plan. I don't know why a 1200 calorie plate wouldn't be...

So I spent some time figuring out what I could eat besides a garden salad. I shouldn't be surprised that their website has almost no nutritional data but I am. But I can still make logical choices; I'm going with the breakfast options but their lighter versions (egg beaters, turkey bacon, etc). Grits aren't too bad if you watch the butter. Also, my calories up until dinner have been low enough that I can splurge on a biscuit and still feel good about myself.

This is my best guess (not including added butter or any oils used for cooking):

I'll leave enough wiggle room in the daily calorie count to adjust for what I'm missing. Anyway, I can always do extra cardio if needed...

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